Enerwave ZWN-SC7 Discontinued?

I was going to buy a black one and I’m not finding them available anywhere. Not listed on the Enerwave site either. Were they discontinued?

Zwaveproducts.com has it, as do a couple of the other specialty retailers.


I tried that site earlier, but when you add it to your cart it says it’s out of stock. eBay didn’t have any listings and Amazon was out of stock. A few other’s I tried came up empty. The key for me is the manufacturer doesn’t even list it.

Then I would contact support at Zwaveproducts and ask them. Normally they’re good about they’re out of stock messages, but maybe they just missed that one.

I was at CES this past week and Enerwave was showing off the replacement for the SC7… the SC8. I believe they said it will be out in 6-8 weeks. It has a the same look, but they replaced the big button with two. A positive move for me.

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