Energy smarthings generic device

Hello everyone on the forum, I’m new and I’m approaching the smarthings world.
I saw that there is an application in smarthings called Energy. I currently have a Tuya current measurement and control device, the classic power meter switch, which among other things works with a native generic smarthings driver.
It is not identified by the energy app so it does not add up the energy consumed… is there a way to use this app for these devices?

There are a limited number of devices that work with the ST Energy Monitor app. There is no way to configure it to add additional devices if they are not supported.

How bad though… an application that measures home consumption that only works with some devices…
Are there no other ways to measure consumption?

It works with the devices that report the energy consumption to SmartThings, if they don’t there’s no data. Maybe Tuya does not care, maybe they don’t want to pay certifications if they’re needed, etc.

Tuya cloud integrations are particularly bad with SmartThings according to what I’ve been reading anyway.

Maybe in a near future, when Matter includes power consumption (Matter 1.3) and devices implement it directly or through bridges, devices will be able to report it locally to the hub like the Eve Energy smart plug does. But given the lack of a standard right now it all depends on specific integrations with each manufacturer.