Enbrighten new Zigbee 3.0 devices (May 2020)

@tpmanley, any update on getting these new devices to be properly supported?

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@johnconstantelo my understanding is we do want to get support for these but I can’t speak to the timeline.


Thanks Tom.

looks like they are starting to add fingerprints for the jasco zigbee 3.0 devices


@johnconstantelo are your Jasco zigbee 3.0 dimmers showing as SLEEPY_END_DEVICE or ROUTER? I would think they are routers, but I just noticed both of mine are sleepy end devices.

Sorry @Automated_House, don’t have any new dimmers. My previous 2.0 version was added so long ago that node type isn’t even listed. I would agree with you though that it’s odd it’s not a router. My 3.0 in-wall outlets are routers:


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According to Jasco:


I have 3 of the new GE/Jasco Zigbee 3.0 devices, two switches and a dimmer.

They all show up as ROUTER in the IDE

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I just reset and re-added and now they show ROUTER :tada:


Just installed the outlet, 43102, and it’s still the same.

looks like all the Jasco ZB 3.0 device fingerprints went to production sever yesterday. They don’t show in the app yet, but should pick up the correct DTH when added now.


Just added a Zigbee 3.0 outlet and was happy to see it being recognized as an ‘Enbrighten Switch’ by Jasco. Why am I replacing outlets at 1am? I got the blinking blue led of death and clicking relay in my bedroom… GRR but at least I got to replace another zwave device with zigbee :wink:


I recently got two Enbrighten Zigbee light dimmer switches. I got them to pair with my SmartThings hub without any problem (single pole installations). However, the switches won’t turn on the lights (recessed cans) either with the physical rocker or via the SmartThings app. In the app, I can turn on/off and the LED indicator on the switches would function as expected, but no lights come on. My previous switches were non-smart Lutron dimmers.

Anyone has any ideas how to get them to work or are they just simply not compatible with my recessed cans somehow? I’m pretty sure my wiring is correct. It’s dead simple, especially with the auto line/load detection. Thanks!

Highly unlikely that both switches would be bad…sounds like something isn’t wired correctly between the switch and the light. I’m assuming you did check the bulbs?

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yeah, I swapped one of the bulbs with a different brand from another location but still didn’t work. This is basically my wiring in the box.

This is certainly possible. I’ve got “canless cans”, new LED fixtures that don’t have removable bulbs.

I had issues with the GE Enbrighten 2 Z-wave dimmers. They would either not dim at all or would start flickering.

I have one of the Zigbee 3.0 dimmers which works fine, though. As do all my Zooz and Leviton dimmers.

You might try a Zooz ZEN27 Z-wave dimmer. Or I’ve read that Leviton now has a Zigbee line.

Or temporarily try a switch rather than a dimmer.

Yes … I called Jasco Support today and they said it would be possible that their dimmers could not operate my recessed cans. The rep said they knew of issues but didn’t have a list of manufactures/models to share.

I ended up ordering a Leviton Zigbee dimmer to give it a shot. Will probably be returning the Enbrighten ones since I have no use for them. I’m bummed because I really like the slimmer form factor.


Definitely agree there. I’ve got three of them in a 3-gang box that involves two different circuits. So lots of wiring in the box. The smaller bodies made it a breeze.

this enbrighten zigbee switch just isnt working … i add it using the specific device in Add Device enbrighten zigbee switch 43076 [not using QR code] and am using v2 hub … it just says ‘can’t find device’ … but when i go to the smartthings app homepage it shows up at the bottom for some reason but with a slash through the cloud, and i can turn it on and off… how can it add the device without saying it was added?! and why does the cloud have a slash through it? in the IDE the device ID just shows AAAA … any suggestions anyone?

also even though the classic app doesnt work anymore, i went into it and added a device and this switch showed up FINE in there, before the app locked and said i can’t use it anymore. nothing i do in the new app lets me add this device… i add it then nothing happens, then somehow it shows up in my device list by says it’s offline, yet i can turn it on off. any help would be REALLY appreciated.

I have three of the new GE Zigbee 3.0 devices. Got them probably 3 or 4 months ago.

I added them using the current app (time to stop calling it the new app, I think).

I used the Scan Nearby button, not the QR code and not by selecting the brand, etc.

I have dimmers and switches, one of the devices added with a type of “Thing” and I had to correct the device type using the IDE.