[Edge] Virtual Scene Switcher, more than a fun way to cycle through scenes

Fun case #8: Build a Tabata timer with rest and ending feedback!

Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval training or HIIT where you do a certain exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat it for a total of 4 minutes. There are apps for that and you may remember the instructions for the Pomodoro timer with a similar concept.

Thanks to the recent addition of auto-cycle state as condition we can improve that Pomodoro base and make a proper smart and energising Tabata timer with colour lights to fuel your workout! With feedback halfway through the rest and feedback after the whole workout has finished.

Settings for a newly created Switcher

  • Number of scenes 6 (we’ll only make 4 routines)
  • Starting scene: Initial
  • Switching delay: 5000 ms (5 seconds, that will be our ticks)
  • (optional) Circular behaviour if not stopped: Ends right before starting scene
  • Circular max loops: 8

Pick a type of light for each phase. We need four different types of light, the choice of brightness and colours is yours!

  • High-intensity workout phase: I’d recommend a 100% brightness saturated colour like green to feel the energy. Or blue that helps focusing.
  • Start resting phase: Maybe a softer less saturated colour at 20%, like orange. Resting but aware because it’s not over yet.
  • Halfway resting phase: A brighter variation at 50%, but still low to feel the contrast when the workout begins.
  • Ended: You did it! Revert the light to normal, turn it off or pick a relaxing colour. Maybe announce something in smart speakers like “Congratulations!” :partying_face:

Now create the 4 routines:

  • If Active scene is 1 Then (light for start resting phase)
  • If Active scene is 2 Then (halfway rest phase)
  • If Active scene is 3 Then (workout phase)
  • If Auto-cycle is Stopped Then (ended phase)

Since switches happen every 5 seconds that will give us a 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds workout phase. All repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

To start the timer, either configure the Dashboard button action as Smart auto-cycle [> / Stop] or use your own smart button with the Auto-cycle [>] action assigned or any other routine that calls that action.

The preparation time will be the first “resting” period, but you can extend it if needed using the Delay this action option when running the Auto-Cycle [ > ] action from a routine.

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