[Edge] Virtual Scene Switcher, more than a fun way to cycle through scenes

New update: the Virtual Button got smarter (2024-04-12T05:38:31.413843796)

This got out of hand… the driver now doubles as a Virtual Button with multi-tap! :exploding_head:

Gimmick aside, the dashboard button is more convenient now, especially in Linear cycles where the standard Next would get stuck at the end:

  • Smart Next / Previous is the new default. It is a Next in Circular cycles but, in Linear cycles, will go forwards until reaching the final scene and then toggle backwards until reaching the initial scene.
  • Looping Next will loop with the virtual button even if it’s in Linear cycle mode.

The virtual button can start/stop automatic actions with Smart Auto-cycle. Two flavours, forwards and random. The button will start the auto-cycle if it is not running or stop it otherwise. Now you can start and stop the Pomodoro timer or the Light blinker from the app!

You can also run specific scenes, Surprise Me will activate a random scene, now you have a virtual dice roller of Number of scenes sides! Default scene will activate the selected scene number in settings and Reactivate re-trigger the current scene or the preset depending on the mode.

To use it as a Virtual Button with multi-tap, Multi-tap: N-tap for Scene N. Instead of cycling, a triple-tap in the virtual button will run the actions of scene 3. The window is fixed at 1200ms.

Finally, you can disable the action, maybe you don’t want to trigger anything if you press it by mistake scrolling through devices.

Notes: A word on caches, sometimes when you change a setting in preferences, like the number of scenes or a mode, SmartThings ignores it. In that case setting it again usually helps. Also, the driver may take few hours to auto-update and there might be cached elements for the next few hours.