[Edge] Virtual Scene Switcher, more than a fun way to cycle through scenes

New update: the blinker! (2024-04-05T10:04:17.625273583).

There is a new setting to account for routines that blink lights. I read someone at Reddit asking for it and thought “the switcher can do that!”. Then I tried to do it and something didn’t feel right, now it does!

Tutorial: How to build a Blinker or Flasher

Blink any light all the number of times you want with sub-second delay with only 4 simple routines or even 3 if the final state is predetermined.

Follow instructions in first post to install the driver and create the first Switcher if you haven’t already.

The switcher settings:

  • Set Number of scenes to 2. Only need On and Off for blink.
  • In the Auto-cycle settings, select Starting scene “< Scene 1 / Scene 2 >”. This will allow us to start the blinker from on or from off, depending on the previous state of the light.
  • Circular behaviour if not stopped: “Ends right before starting scene”. This will make sure the blinker finishes in the correct state, which is the opposite of the starting one.
  • Circular max loops is the number of blinks, pick 3 for instance.

The routines:

  • Create two routines to assign scene 1 to the On action and scene 2 to the Off action. Will look like this.

  • Now, if you want the light to finish in the current state, you’ll need two routines with the precondition being the state of the light and the trigger a button / sensor / virtual switch / whatever. One to call Auto-cycle [>] if the light is on (so it starts with off), and another to call Auto-cycle [<] if the light is off (so it starts with on).