[EDGE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Go here and it will direct you to the correct server

That address won’t load at all

Hey I pmd you, having issues setting up user codes

How do you tell if it’s enabled or not after entering that code? I’m positive mine is set to lock when I press the schlage button, as 9/10 times that’s what it does, but just now I had another instance of pressing it and nothing happening. I then entered my code, and the lock made the mechanical sound but nothing happen and the bolt stayed retracted. I pressed the schlage button again and this time it locked…

@RBoy I’m positive this would have already been asked, but is it possible/are there any limitations to using your dh/smartapp with multiple (two to be exact) locks? (Schlage be469’s)

TO answer my own question, I see on your main website that it is a multi user/multi lock app, which is great! I already set one of my locks up with it, and will have another one next week. As far as codes go, id like them the exact same. I did use the “turn lights on after dark” feature on the current lock. Which I obviously won’t want to duplicate on the other. What is the best way to go about programming the second lock?

When you install a new lock you need to run the clear codes procedures once
to clear and reinitialize it. You can could try without doing this, YMMV.

Either you can run that separately through another instance of the SmartApp
or just add it to the current instance if the SmartApp and then run clear
codes on both/all locks and then put the codes back in. (Easier but it will clear both locks and reprogram them)

The second part there went right over my head! So when I setup the second lock, why am I erasing all codes from the existing lock? There’s no way to add in a second lock and sync the codes? Just wondering.

Also, if I may, feature request/tweak: the “turn on lights after dark” feature, would be great to be able to select my own time intervals here.

Thanks again.

I’ve got the Yale key free smart lock (http://www.yale.co.uk/en/yale/couk/smart-living/smart-locks/keyfree) and have been using your app for 6 months approximately.

I too haven’t seen the code on entry icon. Any suggestions? I’ve tried pressing refresh.

Please capture the Live Logs when you hit refresh and PM it to me and I’ll take a look at it.

@Baz2473 thanks for the logs. The logs have confirmed what the Yale Keyfree manual has or rather missing in terms of features, the Yale Keyfree UK version does not support Vaction or Privacy modes hence the keypad enable/disable icon will not show up.

I have emailed Yale with a request for info into if they plan on updating the firmware at some point for us UK customers to give us the privacy mode and vacation mode functions.

If I hear back from them I will let youse all know.

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Great keep us posted and as soon as they update the firmware it should automatically start working (it’s a discovery based device handler).

Hi - As its a discovery based device handler that doesn’t explain why it is
there originally but disappears

This is the screen shot that was there for my lock (Same model) as you can
see the icon is there so that indicates that it is supported (correct?).
However when it was pressed a blue circle appeared around it and then it


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That’s likely because the lock responded with a valid code when queried
about capabilities so it showed up. However when your clicked it and tried
to send the keypad disable command to the lock, then the lock responded
with a not supported and hence it disappears. It’s probably a firmware
glitch in the lock. It should not have reported that it supports it to
begin with. Did you check the manual if your lock supports vacation mode?

@RBoy Two small issues hoping you can shed some light on:

  1. Since latest hub update, trying to lock/unlock my BE469 Schlage from “favourites” in the app dashboard gets hung up and nothing happens, however if I go to My Home/Things, everything stays updated there and control works properly.

  2. I have two of these locks, one seems to be louder than the other, read somewhere that they have different power levels if action is not smooth, which may not have been for a short while until I recently corrected it. Question: is there an easy way to see what the lock’s power setting is currently in your app perhaps?

  1. No idea, sounds like a mobile app bug - I would suggest report it to ST support. It could be just a ST dashboard outage issue, they’ve been having it all week on an off. The dashboard and things pages use different servers AFAIK. Maybe @JDRoberts and throw some light on this.
  2. Are you’re referring to the PowerLevel command class? Schalge locks don’t support this. How did you “correct” it? What I have seen here is that alignment of the deadbolts makes a HUGE difference on the noise levels of the locks. If the deadbolt is even SLIGHTLY touching anything, the lock operates louder, reduces battery life and something causes issues with jammed reports etc.
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Thanks for the quick reply, the “favourites” menu is now intermittently better, I’ll wait it out for now.

I thought I’d read somewhere, perhaps it was about a different lock, that these locks would adjust their power levels depending on ease of bolt operation. It worked smoothly when I installled it, then something happened and there was a bit of rubbing, I just finished repositioning the strike and there’s definitely no rubbing now. Based on you saying the Schlage locks don’t have these power options I’ll assume I’m just being paranoid and think it’s trying harder than it is because of what others had said.

On another note, I have some XIAOMI door sensors otw, do you support an option to only allow the door to lock via app or command if the door sensor confirms the door is closed?

You can’t stop the door from locking/unlocking through the device handler. If you’re using the multi user management smartapp it has a feature under door open/close options to automatically unlock the door if it’s locked while the door is opened. Note this is a delayed command and can take up to a few seconds to unlock after it’s accidentally locked due to lock limitations (some lock like Schlage have a minimum 10 second cooling off gap between lock and unlock commands).

I am trying to use your app to control a Baldwin Z-wave lock. I have the device handler installed. However, no luck with built-in or your app. Lock is recognized and is listed, but I get an error that it failed to complete the network security key exchange. I’ve removed and re-added lock, but error remains. Any suggestions? I had this lock working with a different hub, but I just switched to ST and want to get it working here.

Start by excluding the lock or doing a reset on it. Then bring it within 2
ft of the hub and try to pair. What hub firmware are you on?