[EDGE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Where are you seeing this? This DH doesn’t have the health feature enabled yet because it’s buggy. If you’re seeing the health feature then you’re likely using the stock DH and not the custom DH.

This would mean a z-wave failure and would require a repairing.

By this do you mean you can’t pair it again? Likely because you deleted the device without excluding it. First you need to exclude the lock (see the manual for instructions on how to exclude the lock, put the hub into exclusion mode). Only after you successfully exclude the lock will you be able to pair it back with the hub.

Thanks @rboy I was able to figure out how to exclude it and re-add it back. so far it looks good took a bit to get the codes to retake but its operational. kind of odd this time im getting more data being displayed then was before. now im getting readings for disabling the beep and auto 30 sec lock even though its not applicable on my model. ive noticed that sometimes when the door is unlocked whether manually or by code the door will auto lock 30 seconds later as normal but ST will still register it as unlocked. i have to reunlock it and then push to lock in the app and the lock will lock and then it will register as locked.

I think i isolated to the plastic cover. when i remove the cover i can see the light come on as it tries to talk to ST and responses are being received better and sent better. When the cover is in place the registering of the actions is not being received or sent very well i guess.

— Do I need a repeater or what does everyone think? ST is a little over 15 FT off to the side up about 8 feet high.

Definitely a repeater will help, especially if you don’t have a repeater, see this conversation for reference:

As for the autolock, Kwikset does report the autoLock and audio settings but you can only change them physically on the lock, so yes those are probably valid messages reporting the state to the DH/ST when queried by the DH.

Hi all. I currently have a uk Yale lock and have paid for the enhanced z-wave lock dth from @RBoy, after setting it all up I decided it would be a great idea to use the disableCodeEntry option so when no one is home the keypad won’t work so I don’t get the neighbours kids or postman fiddling.
When I pressed the keypad code on/off icon it disappeared and a message was created in the logs saying unsupported lock.

Any idea if this function can be implemented with my lock?

Which Yale lock do you have They currently have 3
I have all three models at present. Although I think the Conexis is going
back as its on its third set of batteries in 2 weeks

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I have both of these two and the same thing happened with both of them?

It is very much supported. See the screenshot.

I think your lock hasn’t reported that it supports the features. This is a discover based device handler. What that means is that is asks each lock about their supported features. When the lock responds it enables that feature. In your case your lock hasn’t responded so the feature hasn’t been enabled.

There could be two reasons for this:

  1. Click refresh and force rediscovery, maybe the discovery was incomplete the last time.
  2. The lock is having trouble communicating (more likely). Make sure your lock is no more than 10-15 ft from the nearest z wave repeater and also try rebooting your hub and doing a z wave repair.

I did have that icon on my display for 4 days. But as soon as I tapped on it to disable the keypad for the first time it disappeared and gave a log of unsupported device. Contact developer?

Sounds like your device setup got corrupted and lost the information. You
may need to exclude the lock and repair it.

I just tried it on my keyfree connected smart lock and it does the same

Before pressing it

Then after pressing it a blue circle appeared briefly and then it

And in the logs


Jon Eskdale
07530 112233
Skype “eskdale”

Seems like it could be something else if it happened to you too. What would be the chances of it happening to @eskdale exactly the same way it happened to me if it was just my device that got a corrupted setup?
@RBoy is there any logs we could send you so you could look into this further for us? This was one of the reasons why I paid to access your dth because I liked the idea of being able to disable the keypad when none of my family members are present.

Absolutely please send us an email along with your logs and we will look
into it. You can find the contact details on our website

Try to capture the logs when it’s working fine and then when you press the
button and it changes state.

@RBoy I just paid for your codes and it was worth every penny , I installed the device handler and the smart app and everything works perfectly, however the Schlage button doesn’t lock the door anymore which was a convienent way of locking vs entering a code just to lock , do you know how i can regain this functionality ? .

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I just installed this lock the other day, still waiting on my st hub, but I did have one weird instance yesterday where I pressed the schlage button on the keypad and nothing would happen. I had to enter my code a few times, which it didn’t seem to like either, but after a few attempts it locked as usual and as of then it’s been ok…

Sorry if that’s not related at all to your issues, just thought I’d share that I have experienced that button not locking the lock either.

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This sounds like a lock configuration issue, the DTH doesn’t control this. You may have turned off one touch locking on your lock. The lock has two modes of operation one touch locking and code based locking. See the manual on how to enable one touch locking.

@RBoy I found out its the lock and leave option , if its enabled it will allow one button locking , it some how got restarted , @dtm2525 for Schlage locks you enter your programming code then 7 for lock and leave option on/off .


Hey @RBoy, hub should be arriving today, then I’ll purchase the subscription and install dh’s and smartapps for my schlage lock. I know your instructions say to pair device to hub first, but I’ve seen ppl recommend installing the dh’s and smartapps first and then the device, so that they’re there and ready to be added I suppose? I’ve also seen that people who already have the devices paired are instructed to first exclude them before changing dh’s.

I guess what I’m asking is…should I follow your instructions lol?


You’re fine either way. If you install the DH first then it will recognize
the lock as soon as you pair it automatically. No down side. Just that
people tend to point to the DH if there’s a problem. Hence we suggest get
it to pair and communicate with the stock DH reliably and then switch to
the custom DH to enable the advanced features and goodies. One less step to

I hope you have also bought a repeater device. Your lock should be no
further than 10-15ft from the repeater or you may have signal reliability
issues while programming codes.


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Understood. Thanks. The hub will definitely be within range so no worries there.

Hub arrived, paired lock, paid for rboy subscription, now trying to find the right place to sign in to IDE.


Went there and nothing showed up in my locations or devices which I believe means I’m in the wrong place?