[EDGE] Support for Zigbee Cluster 0x0012 (Basic Multistate Input)

Would like to see if supporting ZCL cluster 0x0012 in the hub framework is on the roadmap anywhere? Its used on Zigbee buttons with multiple input states (pressed twice, held, etc).

Failing that, does ST Dev have any guidance for adding our own cluster parsing support for at least the fields we’d like to use? What is the recommendation to hook into the framework with our own parsers? (for Zwave too. I’d like to support S2 Supervision CC, which you mentioned is not on the roadmap.)



Hi @csstup I created a feature request about cluster 0x0012

about the second question, I don’t know if you are referring to Zigbee or Z-Wave handlers, here you can find more information about it


no, not complete handlers. Just parsing individual (for zwave for instance) command classes that are NOT yet supported in the lua API. A way to plug in our own command parsers using some way to plug into the existing modules the “built out by XML” generated commands use. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, if I just wanted to parse Zigbee cluster 0x0012 into fields/attributes, using similar concepts to what the existing generated clusters all use. Then standard designed zigbee handler logic could use the cluster 0x0012 attributes the same way that generated ones get used.