[EDGE] Leviton VRCS1 Driver

SmartThings Edge Driver for Leviton VRCS1

Edge Driver supports the Leviton VRCS1 marketed as a 1-Button Scene Controller/Virtual Matching Switch Remote. Even though it’s an older device, it can easily be used to control other SmartThings devices.
The basic features of the VRCS1 as implemented in this driver:

  • The VRCS1 has no embedded load.
  • The LED is lit if the switch is on.


  - id: Leviton ZRCS1
    deviceLabel: Leviton 1 Button Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x001D
    productType: 0x0902
    productId: 0x0224

To install

  • Use the channel link to enroll install the driver on your hub.
  • Use the SmartThings app to exclude your device (there is currently no way to switch from a Groovy DTH to an Edge driver except by deleting and then adding the device).
  • Use Add device → Scan nearby in the SmartThings app to include your device. Your device should pick up this driver if the fingerprint matches.
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