[Edge] IKEA RODRET, SOMRIG and SYMFONISK Gen 2 Button Edge Driver

There could be more issues, like bad repeaters in the Zigbee network, unreliable firmware in the button or just faulty, etc. That shortcut button doesn’t have good reviews, so maybe it only gets along fine with IKEA devices.

Try with other models, although it’s true that there’s no model that small like the old shortcut button.

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The way the button shows up in St is as a Main button, Button 1, and Button2. The issues arise that when pressing the Button 1 (Open), sometimes it registers as Main, and the same if I press Button 2 (Close) it registers as main. Other times, it doesn’t register the trigger at all.

I have 8 Ikea blinds and buttons all throughout my home, and they all have the same issue. I’ve tried removing/resetting the buttons and adding it back. Setting Main as open or close and still nothing fixes the issues.

Any help or tips would be highly appreciated.

“Main” in SmartThings is a catch-all for convenience that will trigger with any button press, so that screenshot looks good (triggering button1 and main or button2 and main). Usually in routines you use button1 and button2, not main.

If sometimes the button does nothing when you press it, that’s a reliability issue as commented before and not driver related. Could be the firmware, bad repeaters, SmartThings issues, etc.

Oh, I understand now. Thank you.

Thanks so much for this driver @mocelet

I have the Rodret operating my Ecobee through my Smarttings hub now! One click on, one click off, long press heat up, long press heat down.

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This comment probably belongs in a newbies/setup thread, so thnx for your forbearance.

Im brand new to setting up a smart home, and home assistant.

Is this a method to connect the ikea remote products directly to your home assistant hub? /as opposed to finding a way to intergrate a dirigera hub?

I purchased a home assistant green- so probably need to get a zigbee dongle for this to work?

Thnx :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

This is the Samsung SmartThings forum and this driver is valid for the SmartThings hub. For Home Assistant refer to their forums or reddit.

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lol. thanks!

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