Edge drivers for Namron Zigbee devices?

Namron do have 1/2/4-channel Zigbee buttons, they also got a rotary-dimmer. I do not have them myself, so i can’t check the fingerprints - are these available in a existing Zigbee edge driver?

Namron Zigbee Button

Namron Zigbee Rotary-dimmer

I do have a Namron 4-channel/12-button Zigbee remote, it do only adds/joins as a Generic Z-Wave Thing (non-Edge) which is strange, so i can’t read any fingerprint for the device (i do not have any old DTH’s installed)

Namron Remote

Namron is btw Elektroimportøren own brand in Norway, same products as Vesternet in UK i.e.



HI @Khhh
I don’t have any zigbee multi-button driver.
There are other drivers from @erickv @ygerlovin or @veonua that maybe they could add to theirs drivers