(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc

New version 4.5 of Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc controller

As I have seen that several users are looking for how to control a thermostat with the values of various sensors, this version driver includes:

  • Added functions for the thermostat to be controlled with temperatures from various sensors that are paired to the same driver:
  • Added preference to select This Thermostat Controls Muti Sensor: value true or false (default False)
    • IMPORTANT: It should only be activated on the thermostat that will control the temperature.
    • If more than one device per group is marked as true, the calculations are stopped and the user is informed to solve it.

  • Added preference to assign the device to a group of sensors that will control the thermostat. Values from 0 to 10. (default = 0 No group assigned)

  • If Group Assigned value = 0 then capability device Info will show: “Device not assigned to any Group

  • Added preference to select the types of calculation that will be done with the temperatures of the group of sensors:
    • Average: the calculation of the average temperature of all the sensors of the group is performed
    • Maximum: The maximum temperature of the group sensors is used
    • Minimum: The minimum temperature of the group sensors is used
    • The temperature result of the calculation will be used to control only this thermostat of Group and will be presented in the Info Panel capability with the next expected state change.

  • Added a custom capability Device Info: where the information of the Group will be displayed, of the calculated temperature of the group and type of calculation followed by the temperatures of all the devices included in the group. The device that acts as controller thermostat is marked with * Device Controller: Name of the device.
  • The information of this capability is updated when any sensor in the group sends a new temperature value.
  • I have tested it with three Samjin motion sensors (aeotec)

DeviceTemperature capability shows the own sensor temperature

The operation as a group is totally optional and it is enough to not select or in the preference of the assigned group and the use of the thermostat as a group and each device will work independently.

If you don’t need to control the Thermostat with sensor groups, then you just have to keep the preference group assignment to value = 0, which is by default

In fact, we can have a thermostat working as a group and the other devices in the group working as independent thermostats or simple temperature sensors.

  • Added preference option to select Single or Multiple Tile @Sylvain

In order not to increase the number of profiles excessively, I have removed the adjustment option from the set point temperature steps. I have left only the adjustment of steps of 0.5º.
If you want to change less than 0.5º you can manually enter the value with the keyboard

Please notify me of any errors you find and I will try to correct them.

I will try to implement it in the other Zwave and Zigbee drivers with child thermostat

Driver version will be updated automatically

 Name         Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2023-01-27T17:22:15.564550164

Users who were using the Beta version Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat GROUPS must make a change to this new version of the driver, they will not lose any settings or routines and scenes