(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:

(New Version) Edge Driver Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc:

As in Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc and since no one has reported errors, I have added the optional Child Device for Parameter Configuration and Association Groups subdriver to this driver.

If anyone wants to try it, I don’t have Zwave sensors.

Remember that in battery-powered sensors you have to wake up the devices for them to respond to to configure parameters and association groups configuration

This is the driver version Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat CONFIG:

 Name         Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc
 Version      2023-03-23T15:50:09.35770828
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Hi, Im currently running the beta 4 driver for my smart implant device with 1 external probe.

The driver works fine in ST and shows the value of the external probe in the tile for the device. But in systems integrated with ST it is the internal sensor that are shown / sendt. Could you make the external sensor “primary” ?

Hi @kjelljk

Sorry, that change in component and endpoint mapping would modify all other driver profile settings.
You can create a child device for ext temperature probe 1 with a single tile and use it for routines with third party applications that don’t see the child components.

okay, thanks for replying. What driver works with smart imlant and have option to create child device?

Go to settings and enable preference “Create Virtual Thermostat 1”

The virtual device will appear in the room in which the Hub is located.
It is a virtual thermostat, but if you leave it Off it only synchronizes the temperature of the external temperature probe 1

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I have a problem with Fibaro Switch Single module.
The status updated OK when using Smartthings App, BUT , does not chaged when toggling from the mechanical switch. I can see messages in CLI when logging this driver. The following is turn on and turn off log via mechanical switch.

Please advise… @dotan_shai helped me

Hi @omergranot88

I replied this via PM to @dotan_shai

I need you to confirm that the switch cable is connected to the S1 input of the physical switch.
The stock driver and mine expect a source endpoint of 0 or nil and the device is sending source endpoint=1

local function switch_binary_report_handler(self, device, cmd)
  if cmd.src_channel == nil or cmd.src_channel == 0 then
    SwitchDefaults.zwave_handlers[cc.SWITCH_BINARY][SwitchBinary.REPORT](self, device, cmd)

The S2 input is used to send scenes and therefore is not allowed by code to emit a switch state change.


If you confirm it, I will modify the code of my driver since these changes would affect more users.

On the other hand, if it is well connected, you should also report it to smsrtthings so that they can fix the stock driver.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo @omergranot88

I’ve got the same behaviour w this device and driver. As it sits in a remote location I’m not able to use the CLI to make a log at the moment. It works well using the app and routines, but not using the physical switch. (The S1 is connected)

@S.F.B @omergranot88

I am going to correct the code and if it works well you should notify smartthing so they can fix the stock driver

@S.F.B @omergranot88 update

Modified in this driver version:

  • Switch binary report
  • Meter report for Energy and power events
  • Central scene notification for S1 scenes to button, but not will work for button1, S1 and Button2, S2 scenes it not will work due to profile need add a button1 and button2 components, missing

In preferences you can configure S1 and S2 send scenes but it not will works until button1 and button2 added to profile.
I can’t debug this profile change and therefore I leave it without fixing

Need this profile modification

You can install immediately this driver version with CLI with command:
smartthings edge:drivers:install

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-04-03T19:58:02.016897363
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Hi @omergranot88

Did it work with this version?

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Sorry for the delay but i had no time before.
For me i need an edge driver button because is more like the keyfob but with only 2 buttons.
however when I look at the devices compatible with the button edge drivers I see the fibaro button and the keyfob but not the fibaro walli controler.

can you add it in your edge drivers or i have not yet understood how smartthings works
Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you for the Smart Implant driver, Mariano. My gate is now working again!

New version of Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc:

  • Added to profile of Fibaro single switch FGS- 213, button1 and button2 components.
  • Modified code to execute scenes, sending events to button1 for S1 scenes and to button2 for S2 scenes if are activated wit parameters 28 or/and 29
 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-04-06T11:23:43.217297079        

First of all, thank you Mariano for the Fibaro Smart Implant (FSI) driver. I can finally see the value of the onboard temperature sensor.

I still have one issue. I have two DS18B20 temperature sensors connected to the FSI but I can only get a temperature reading from one of them. When I connect each one individually they each work correctly so I believe the sensors and wiring are correct. When I connect them at the same time to the FSI the driver reports “- ‘C” for the second one.

I’ve also tried to get it to work with and without the 4.7K ohm pull-up resistor on the serial line. There is no change in the behavior.

In order to try and get the driver to recalculate what temperature sensors were attached I went into Settings and checked “6 External Temp Probe”. The log file output at this point is here.

Has anyone been able to get more than DS18B20 temperature sensor to work? If so, could you please give me any ideas on what else I can try. Thanks.

I have two sensors working for several weeks using Smart Implant Beta-4 driver. Try remove Smart Implant and then rejoin Smart Implant when both sensors are connected.

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@TapioX, thank you for the suggestion. I removed and reinstalled the device again this morning and, unfortunately, only one external temperature probe is providing a reading.

Do you use a pull-up resistor in your configuration?

I’m not using pull-up resistor.
Both sensors are connected using 1 meter cable.

Can you please add the following parameters to
Fibaro Roller Shutter 3

  1. Inputs orientation

This parameter allows reversing the operation of switches connected to S1 and S2 without changing the wiring.

Available settings:
0 – default (S1 – 1st channel, S2 – 2nd channel)
1 – reversed (S1 – 2nd channel, S2 – 1st channel)

Default setting: 0

Parameter size: 1 [byte]

And also

  1. Outputs orientation

This parameter allows reversing the operation of Q1 and Q2 without changing the wiring (in case of invalid motor connection) to ensure proper operation.

Available settings:
0 – default (Q1 – 1st channel, Q2 – 2nd channel)
1 – reversed (Q1 – 2nd channel, Q2 – 1st channel)

Default setting: 0

Parameter size: 1 [byte]


Hi Mariano

Would it be possible to use this to make the child device(Edge_child) display the power and energy?
Is it possible to make the child device display the energy and power?

I integrate Smartthings with Home Assistant and use the energy and power there.