(EDGE Driver-Mc) Child Device to Monitoring Battery Status Function in MC Drivers

Child Device to Monitoring Battery status function in MC drivers

I have created this new thread to group here the information of the drivers that are being updated with the function to monitor the battery levels of the devices paired to each driver.

This could become obsolete if at some point smartthings adds to its App the function of showing the battery levels of the grouped devices as it does with temperatures, humidity, etc…

I have modified the drivers to have the option to view and control the battery levels of all devices paired with the driver.

  • I have added a preference to be able to create a virtual device that will show the battery levels of all the devices paired to the driver and that the user selects with this same preference by setting the value to True.

This device with false value in preference will not show on virtual device

  • Only one virtual device will be created, from the first device in which sets the value of the preference to True.
  • The values will be updated every 1 hour or every time the virtual device is refreshed with the App.
  • It will show the GMT time, known to the driver, of the last information update.
  • What the driver does is read the last value emitted, which the hub firmware saves every time a new value is emitted. Therefore, it consumes few resources and does not create traffic on the network. It’s like having another device installed.
  • The Battery level value will be shown in:
    • Green color if it is >= 70%
    • Blue color if it is >=50% and <70%
    • Orange color if it is >=35% and <50%
    • Red color if it is <35% or battery status is not emitted or saved in the hub

You can create a room with all child Batteries status device to group all batt information

Drivers Updated:

  • Zigbee Contact Mc
  • Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc
  • Zigbee Moisture Sensor Mc
  • Zigbee Smoke/CO Detector Mc
  • ST Zigbee Button Mc
  • Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc
  • Z-Wave Button Mc

Added Function Battery Monitoring to Z-Wave Button Mc

Added in this driver version
The new version of the driver will be updated automatically in 12 hours maximum

 Name         Z-Wave Button Mc
 Version      2024-01-27T10:22:16.168308738        

Another way to monitor all batteries with a virtual device created with Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc driver and API rules