[Edge Driver] A Breakthrough In Human Presence Detection

I have just published a temporary version of the EP1 driver to the Tims-Drivers-Public channel.
version 2023-05-10T10:17:57.994543777

It should automatically be pushed to your hub in the next 24 hours.

Can confirm I am seeing the same issue as the others, and yes firmware is 000.047.00011 - I tried reverting to the known good firmware for the EP1 that we verified worked correctly back in March, just to rule out it being an ESPHome firmware update and it produces the same result, therefor I would assume its something on the SmartThings firmware side like you mention.

Will keep an eye out for the new version and hopefully it allows the device to work properly.

Tried to send you a few messages on Discord so we could work through this but didn’t hear back yet.

Just checked and this works as intended now with the updated driver you pushed (other than temperature), thanks for fixing it!

Thanks for looking in to this and resolving. I’ll keep an eye out for the temporary driver update over the next few hours.

I got my EP1 setup last night. Other than power cycling it once to get it to stay online, its updating quickly and i’m working on getting it tuned in. Question on the settings:

  1. What does the Smart Presence boolean do?
  2. Are settings synced between the SmartThings app and the webUI? So if I make a setting change in the web UI will it be reflected in the SmartThings mobile app?

Changes made in the SmartThings app will update in the UI but the other way around doesn’t seem to sync (unless it takes a longer period of time perhaps).

Just as a quick note, the web page on the device isn’t really intended to be used for anything other than a quick diagnostics, there is often a bug where if you keep the web page open for extended periods of time it can sometimes cause a reboot.

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Hi Jimmy, great news you have it working.
It looks like SmarThings have introduced a bug in the latest firmware. I guess it’s still beta.

if the Smart Presence setting is off, the driver simply passes through the sensor readings it gets from the EP1. I found I got quite a few false positives from the mmWave sensor with this setting. So I have Smart presence on. This sets presence active when the motion sensor goes active and then sets presence inactive when both the motion and mmWave sensors go inactive.

I have not tried the different GUIs but I assume the settings will be shared between them

Let me know if you need any help validating the bug on other firmware versions. I currently have my EP1 connected to my SmartThings Station which is on fw 46.8. I also have a V3 hub on the 48.x beta I can use for testing.

Working great now, much appreciated!!!

@w35l3y gave me a work around for the bug, i.e. supplying the units to the emit_event call.

So I have just released a updated driver (version 2023-5-11T21:27:43.933931923) which has full functionality. I.e. the temperature sensor should be working again.



Can confirm it started working and ST platform is taking care of the unit of measure conversion to Freedom units :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance you would share the code for the driver?

@Tim99 @Automated_House , how long does it take the Software Update step to complete. This has been going on for over 30 minutes now, with the Red LED on the hardware blinking. I have tried 3 USB Cables, and selected different COM ports with the same results.

From what I remember, it was definitnely less time than that and there was a progress popup once it started. Make sure you have the drivers installed on your computer. I had to install a driver for mine to update.

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Ok, I got it working. I connected it directly to my laptop, instead of the docking station, and then it updated and set the IP address. Appreciate the response.

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Hi, I’m a totaly new to ST an automations so forgive me for being blunt.
I have a few questions:

  1. How to check the firmware version of EP1 sensor?
  2. Once it’s online, will the firmware update itself?
  3. I’m trying to figure out best routine to when the lights should switch off… Please have a look how can it be upgraded.

Hi @Gbur79,

Welcome to the SmartThing community and as an EP1 user.

  1. There is no api to access the firmware version.

  2. The firmware is not updated automatically.

  3. set the Smart Presence settings ON

Thank you! I see you also set precondition that the lights are off, that’s a good idea!

Just to close this question, can I confirm that the driver is not open source and will not be shared?

just finished flashing 3 of these sensors and installing them.
they keep popping up when scanning for devices and i’m getting duplicates.
I deleted all devices and did a scan, and now it’s finding 5 devices…out of the 3 i have.

Also every device shows as offline. some show no presense detected while others do, so something is definitely working. when i connected the devices to power, a red led blinked for a bit.

I followed the online instructions, first added the edge driver, then all three devices got flashed with the smartthings firmware, connected them to wifi sucessfully, then scanned for them in smartthings.

EDIT: I got them working, they show as online now. However, there are quite some issues.
the devices seemingly go offline quite often. sometimes, the device shows grey in smartthings and when i click the device, it says “cannot get device info/status” or something, and nothing happens. after a few seconds it comes online again. I am also having trouble with the accuracy of the mmwave sensors, but that can still be fixed by playing with sensitivity.
Furthermore the lux sensor seems really bad. the lux being reported in a room with all lights on, is around 10 for all 3 sensors, while it’s cloudy outside but still an hour to go till sunset.
Lastly there is a presense sensor and a mmwave sensor according to the driver. the mmwave never detects movement, the presense sensor does. weird.

And when i search for devices i still get copy’s of the sensors.

is it a good idea to put a ip address in the settings of the devices and make them static in the router’s settings?