EcoBee *Official* Disconnecting... but I use StrykerSKS-Ecobee3

NP - happy to help (and no, order shouldn’t matter…but the old ST sensor device should have been deleted automatically when you exited Ecobee (Connect)).

Turns out I had a security routine that was referencing the motion detector. I got a funny error in the SmartApp if I tried to even view the Sensors (“Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again”), which was super confusing until I realized that’s probably the custom SmartApp trying to delete the Sensor and generating that error. The only way for me to get out of this menu was to “cancel” my way out (not saving any changes to the SmartApp).

Once I went over to the main device list in my iOS app I manually removed the sensor and found a check-message to the effect of “hey this device is being used by SECURITY_PROFILE_NAME are you sure you want to remove?” so I hit “yes” and then everything got back into alignment as expected!


Just a quick edit to clarify why the screenshot is so confusing: I see the message showing one-of-one sensors that are selectable, which is reduced from the previous one-of-two (in theory I had two before)… hence I couldn’t understand what the red bar was about.

@yvesracine - Seems as though you and a few others on this thread are the “experts” when it comes to the Ecobees. I’m a newbie to coding for these devices (but have been a developer for over 30 years), but I can’t seem to find anything with regards to using the Ecobee’s speaker as a chime/speaker/alert/etc. Did I totally miss it in one of your threads? The current Ecobee DTH doesn’t seem to allow the use of the speaker.

What I’d like to do is use my ecobees as a chime when someone opens a door, hasn’t disarmed the alarm, etc. I can easily do this via a IFTTT or a CoRE piston IF I could actually use the speaker.

Any ideas…and apologies if I’ve overlooked/missed this in one of your threads.

Hi @Tek_Age, there is no way (at the moment) to send this kind of commands to the ecobee via the APIs.

However, with the new ecobee switch, some API changes are coming soon.

That’s all I can tell you about it…

Thanks @yvesracine for confirming that. I wasn’t sure if I had missed that somewhere. Hopefully new API will contain some.

Hi guys, Im using hubv2 in the UK and cant seem to find ecobee in the thermostat marketplace. Anyone else having this? Also, how do i add the device then?