Ecobee Newbie

So I know there are several service managers for Ecobee. I am wondering if custom DTH is still needed and what are the advantages of using community integration vs. official integration.

@yvesracine, no need to share your thoughts. I am familiar with your work. I’d like feedback from people who have Ecobee4 or newer.

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Well I use SANdood’s suite and am pretty happy with it. It’s free but I did donate, because its been quite handy. I don’t use any of his helper apps I just use it so I can use webcore. If you just want a simple schedule then the native Ecobee app is good enough. I don’t have any real complicated scenarios. We have a fairly set schedule but it will vary slightly day to day. I wanted to be able to have ST presence allow me to start home and away scheduling as needed…

So I have a basic schedule and Webcore will start different modes based on ST presence, so if you want that you will need a custom DTH, to allow access to Ecobee’s API. I also use webbore to monitor the temp in our walk in pantry and will lower AC temp if it starts to get too hot when we are away.

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