Ecobee Comfort Settings Change Based on Smart Things Mode

I’m trying to find a way to easily and automatically change my Ecobee Comfort Settings based on my SmartThings Mode. In other words, when I’m in the HOME mode in SmartThings, I want my Ecobee to change to the HOME comfort setting and when everyone leaves and I’m in the AWAY mode in SmartThings I want Ecobee to automatically change to AWAY mode.
I payed the fee and tried to the SmartThings/Ecobee integration found here but all I can that really did was give the Ecobee device in the SmartThing app much more realtime information, not really any added features to auto change your modes.

Any suggestions?




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This is exactly what I want to do. Did you ever figure out how to do this? I thought I found some code the other day, but can’t seem to find it again :frowning:


Hey Alan-

Yes, the GitHub - yracine/device-type.myecobee: SmartThings-ecobee integration walkthrough actually did work. You do have to pay for this app. Once purchased, install the device handler, the smart app, connect smartthing to the ecobee portal, and download the smartapps:


I’ve set my ecobee so that there are no more AWAY schedules, just an AWAY Comfort setting. Ecobee always stays in either HOME or SLEEP.

This way, when I leave, the ecobeeChangeMode.src Smartthing app changes my ecobee to the AWAY comfort setting. It will stay that way until I return, then ecobeeResumeProg.src Smartthings app resumes my HOME or SLEEP schedule.

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