Echo Speaks app does not recognize or Echo Dot as an Alexa device

I have installed the Echo Speaks Smart App in the SmartThings app. When I go to Smart Apps, Echo Speaks is there. When I start Echo Speaks, it tells me that there are no Alexa Devices installed. It also states Login Status (invalid). It appears that I am not logged into Amazon. When I tap Alexa Login Status|Service Management, it gives me Manage Login Service and two choices: Heroku (Configured) and Domain ( Note that Heroku server has been deployed.

I am not certain what I am doing wrong and why Echo Speaks will not recognize the Echo Dot (or any other Alexa devices) as discoverable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

That’s a community created project. You need to talk to the authors.

Try the following thread:

[RELEASE] Echo Speaks

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