Echo and Google Home connected to Smartthings simultaneously

I have smartthings hub under the Christmas tree, along with a Google Home. But I couldn’t resist and echo dot for 29.99 and thought I could use it upstairs when I go to bed. Is it possible to have both the echo and google home connected to Smarthings to control my lights, the Home downstairs and the echo upstairs?

I’ve searched google but can’t find anything beyond the comparison between Home and Echo.
Thanks in advance for the help

Yes, that works. Both can be operational at the same time. You just need to remember to say ok google, and alexa, to the right device. :wink:


i have both sitting next to each other in the kitchen… Echo is working better for me with the device names than the Google unit

Both work well. I tend to use Google Home to interact with my Ecobee thermostat via ST because it can tell me what the temperature is and control modes. Alexa seems better for device names and especially routines, which aren’t supported natively in GH yet without a virtual switch. I like how Google Home repeats the name of the device it just controlled too. Each has their pros and cons so I just have both. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your responses. I want sure if you could have both
controlling the ST hub, but now I know