Eaton Universal Dimmer Wiring

I was able to get the GE installed in another room of my house using this: [FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring – I have the ‘light between switches’ setup on my existing.

My last trip to Lowe’s, I guess they’re discontinuing those? (If you need to stock up, they were on clearance for pretty cheap) so I grabbed an Eaton Universal Dimmer and Accessory Dimmer assuming it would operate the same way. It does not appear to, and with my limited knowledge, it doesn’t look like it can based on the instructions

Their YouTube video on installation has this

This might just be way easier to get the GE again from the giant rainforest?

Eaton Cooper Z wave Devices work with smartthings, but I don’t think the Wi-Fi versions do. so, yeah, I would return those and get another Z wave device instead.

The GE switches have a new model line called “enbrighten“ and those should be in stock in most Home Depot‘s. They come in both a Zwave version and a zigbee version that look identical, so read the box carefully, you probably want the Z wave version.

This link is for the on/off switch, but there’s also a dimmer, one with a built-in motion sensor, and several other models.

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And here’s the manufacturer site for the Enbrighten line in case you need model numbers:

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