Eaton/Cooper RF9540 minimum level / rapid start not being honored via Zwave

That’s a nice switch. :sunglasses:

Most likely there are just some parameters that need to be set. It was quite common at the time that switch was designed to have one set of parameters that defined manual operation at the wall switch and a different set of parameters that defined the dimming behavior when the switch received a network command. Nobody really uses it that way much anymore, and newer generations don’t usually have that split, but that could be part of what’s going on.

Anyway, all you need to do is get in touch with Eaton Cooper Aspire support and have them tell you what parameters need to be set to what values to get the behavior that you want to see.

Once you know that, there’s a community – built utility, the zwave tweaker, which will expose all of the parameters for any mains powered zwave device, lets you change them and save them in the device, and then go back to your regular device type handler. It’s really slick code. :sunglasses:

The first you need to know is which parameters need to be set to which values. Which the manufacturer should be able to tell you regardless of what hub you are using.

There’s a support phone number at the top of the user guide, I don’t know what the email would be.

(The company is Eaton, the division is Cooper, the model line is Aspire. You can see that switch referred to by any of those three names, but always with the same model number. The Zwave versions will have “RF“ (for radio frequency) in the model number. Make sure you specify that when you talk to them as there is also a dumb version of the same switch.)

Once you have those values, you can see if the DTH you are already using exposes those parameters. If not, you temporarily change to the tweaker.

[BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker

It takes a few steps, but it’s pretty straightforward.