Easy setup for Movie lighting using Hues?

I want to be able to easily click one button to make the lights dim and go to a certain colour when we want to watch a movie or tv. Right now I have to either go into the hues app and fiddle around in there or I have to go into the smartthings app and try adjusting the lights in there. Is there a better way?

Sure, several people have written custom smart apps that do this. Most assume that you have a button device like a minimote, but you could also do it with a virtual device that just shows up on your phone.

Check the quick browse links in the communitycreated wiki in the smart apps section for “lighting.” There are several in there. :sunglasses:


If you haven’t used custom code before, here’s the FAQ for that. It’s pretty straightforward, basically you copy someone else’s code and paste it into your account.

And this is what a minimote looks like. Very popular in the community. If you shop around, you should be able to find one for around $20. Each button can be a short or long press, so that give you eight options.

I am using CoRE to do this using a virtual momentary switch “Tv Time”. The virtual switch is controlled by any of a SmartTiles panel, Mood Cube, Alexa, Mini-Mote or the app. I am also considering putting a load sensing plug on the projector to automate it.

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The real advantage of the macro as shown above is that I can set the scene in one location and change it for all of the triggers.

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This is really interesting! I am looking into it right now. Thanks!

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I have been looking at CoRE and fiddling around with it a bit. I have a dumb question…how do you use the piston once it is setup? Would I be able to set it as a widget on my phone? Also, how do you get the display you are showing in the above post showing the If, then coding?

I use any of a Mood Cube, SmartTiles, Minimote, Amazon Echo or power sensor on my projector to trigger it.

Piston Mode: Basic
If: TV Time switch changes to on
then: (Tap to add more actions)
Using …
turn on

The image above is a screen capture of the CoRE Dashboard and selected piston.

Is that a Virtual Switch then? And if so, then how do you get it to turn off? I tried setting up a Virtual Switch and it worked to turn things on but then the switch was in a state of On.

I use the virtual switch as a momentary and open it in the macro (The last line). I have another for “All Off”