Easiest way to share code of device handler?

Let say I want to share my code from a device handler to another user with the same device(es). What is the most easy way to do that? Does the other user have to become a developer (as having a developer-account) and copy-paste code as if the user wrote it him self? Or is there an easier way?

Thank you for your time and Im hoping someone knows something!
// Znittzel

Any user who wants to add custom code will need a developer account.
The easiest way to share it would be using Github.

Using the Github method, users can copy/paste code into the SmartThings IDE, or they can link up to the developer’s Github repository and just use a few clicks to update the code.

Here is the relevant documentation for Github integration:


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Depends, if you are going to update it all the time and want to keep it in sync then @diehllane is spot on.

If its just so the other user has a starting point then you use gist ( https://gist.github.com/ ) I use it all the time to share code with people.