Dyson pure cool link integration

Thanks for the in depth investigation, although the prognosis doesn’t look good :frowning:

Just to throw it out there, dyson link has an alexa skill. It may sound convoluted, but is it possible to control the dyson from ST thru the alexa integration?

Oi Vey I think I’ll just use the Dyson app for now.

wow Joe thank you so much for your detailed answers. It’s a shame but at least we know for sure. I have a friend of a friend who works at Dyson, so I’m going to see if they have any interaction with the smart/link team, and see if I can get our requests put forward.

For now I am also using the alexa skill - it’s just quite clumsy saying “alexa tell dyson to…”

Looks like someone got it working in homebridge


I am going to be testing this to see.

I also found this:

There has to be a way to port one of these over to SmartThings.

I can confirm that this works with homekit. So what I am doing is using this an homebridge-smartThings so I can turn the heater on/off with smartThings.

Sorry I’m new to this home bridge thing, does it mean I have to use it through an iOS device?

This does, but it also shows that it’s not impossible for there to be some type smartThings integration.

I bought a Pure Hot+Cool Link in the sales as I do love the design and quality and very effective to warm up the ever cooler ground floor with my non Link one. The Link does have its app for Siri/HomeKit but I just use the Harmony’s Activities to add both fans and get that on ST device and control Through the stock Harmony Connect app.

I did try the integration smart app first but seems like you have to request the access for the Harmony API so gave up…

Yeah… an nginx rev proxy would surely work here? I’m holding off buying this expensive device for now.

Has anyone built a smart things bridge for the dyson pure ? Based on the python library in this thread it should be possible.

I recalled seeing elsewhere about efforts on communicating with the dyson link thru MQTT which I seriously know nothing about… and I haven’t heard anything about ST :frowning:

I just bought a second dyson link and as it turns out even the official alexa skill is cumbersome: Now I have to first invoke the dyson skill with a command, then wait for alexa to ask me which unit I’d like to contol. I haven’t found a way to directly issue a command to a specific unit.

If we can get a ST integration working you could create virtual switches to control the device and switch them using Alexa.

I saw the MQTT link also, I might be able to use the code as a sample to write a ST interface. Maybe a raspberry pi based server. I think direct DH is not possible due to the API’s requirements. But not 100% sure yet.


If you get this working make sure you a have donate link :slight_smile:

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I think there is certainly a way to make dyson integrate with smartthings, even when self signed certs are used. To overcome self signed certs one can just deploy web app that allows self certs(yes it will require an app running on server that smart things can talk to) and just have smartthings to talk over http to this web app.
Now, this web app should be able to talk to dyson and this is an easy thing to do, you either use python library that someone linked above: https://github.com/CharlesBlonde/libpurecoollink
OR you can also use java library too: https://github.com/ioanbsu/homestats/tree/master/dyson

It’s been quiet on here. I guess there’s no progress on this. Would love to have integration with ST like my other stuff.

@Kidd - Shame it isnt an easy one, would love this integration

Two separate paths to consider.

One) while it’s true that the Logitech Harmony will consider this an entertainment device and you can only have one entertainment activity going at one time, there is an official logitech workaround for this. It’s clunky to set up, but it does work. Basically you have to add it to every activity you have, set it up to not turn off as you’re shifting between activities, and then have one more activity to turn it on.

See the following:

  1. this has Alexa integration. Because of that, there is yet another hacky work around. You can have A different device speak an instruction to an echo device and automate it that way. Like I said, it’s pretty hacky, but it does work.
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I recently bought a raspberry pi. Seeing that there’re python libraries and homekit integration for dyson, is it possible to somehow control the dyson thru a pi with virtual switches (webhook?) or a custom pi DH?

I’m going to call Dyson today to check to see if they know how it integrates. The Dyson has an IP address and therefore there should be a seamless integration. I’ve configured it to work with Amazon Alexa and that integration works well with full remote capability via voice.