Dumb question re: light switches w/ 3 separate switches

Are you in the US?

If so, as others have said, if you remove the cover plate (which is literally just a piece of plastic, no electronics, no moving parts) you will see three separate switches underneath. You will replace as many of these as you want with individual smart switches. Most smart switches have tabs along the edge which you may have to break off to get them to fit: the instructions will be in the user manual that comes with the switch, so make sure you read that.

In addition, when you do remove those tabs, you reduce the total wattage that the switch can support. Again, read the manual.

If you live near a Home Depot, many of these have a free class on installing light switches which will teach you more about how switches work, the tools you use for the wiring, etc. They won’t be about smart switches per se, but they will still be very helpful in understanding what is going on. So it’s often worth taking that.

As far as a cover plate once you do have multiple switches installed, any Home Depot will have the cover plate or you can get them online. You just look for a “three gang cover plate.“ For most smart switches, you will want “Decora“ or “rocker style“ to get the right fit. :sunglasses: these come in different colors and finishes.

By the way, this isn’t a dumb question, but it is one that has been asked and answered quite a few times. :wink: