Dual Color LED Christmas Tree Control

So I have one of those pre-lit LED Christmas trees with dual-color LEDs that lets you switch between warm white and multi-color, each LED with one color and warm white. There is a remote control provided with one button that lets you cycle through an alternating flash (white, multi, white, multi, etc.), solid white, solid multi, and off. The remote’s receiver can be removed and the tree plugged directly into the power adapter which will just give you a solid white all the time option. I assume that the tree works by reversing the polarity from the receiver module as there are only two wires running from the receiver to the tree itself.

I figured there has to be a way to hack this tree to control it with SmartThings, but a simple smart switch to plug the tree into wouldn’t work as each time the tree is turned off and back on it resets to the flashing white and multi cycle.

I do have a Fibaro RGBW controller, but I don’t really see a way to wire it to this tree and be able to control the polarity plus on/off. I figured now is as good a time of year as any to ask this community if anyone has any suggestions or if anyone has tried something like this with one of these trees in the past?


The easiest way, although not the least expensive, would be to add a Naran Push Microbot. This is essentially a tiny robot finger and all it does is push a button on request. So it’s a very simple way to retrofit an existing button remote. It works quite well, and I use these in my own home.

The main problem is the cost. Each Micro about cost about $49, but then you also need the $89 Prota bridge in order to be able to use the IFTTT channel. Each bridge can support about three dozen microbots, but it’s still an expensive solution. So good for some situations, but I’m not sure it fits your use case because of the cost.

If you happen to have a Harmony hub, it’s possible that your LED strip is compatible with that, and if it is, it’s easy to add an activity that can control the lights. I use this with some flameless candles, for example. Again, that’s an easy, no wiring solution, but it will only work if the remote is either an IR remote or a Bluetooth remote.


If it is an IR remote and you don’t already have a Logitech Harmony have, there are some other less expensive IR remotes where you can get compatibility with SmartThings, in particular the Zmote.

As far as solutions that will require taking the remote apart and rewiring it, I will leave that to others to discuss. :sunglasses:

I should add that this tree’s power supply pushes 29v, while the Fibaro can only handle a max of 24v. So it doesn’t look like that Controller is an option unless someone has a suggestion!

Anyone else thought of getting this to work? The remote is sending 433mhz rf signal so we should be able to use something like the Sonof 433mhz RF bridge to accomplish this. I just ordered one to see what can be done.

Would controlling the remote allow you to choose the setting you want freely in-app? Or would you be forced to only have virtual button you would still have to press in succession to cycle through the settings until you get to the one you want?

My original hope was to connect something directly to the tree that would give control over the power and polarity directly, so control through the app could allow for on/off and color vs. white. In this particular use case, is control over the remote the only option?

Ever figure this out? I’ve got a prelit Balsam Hill tree that sounds basically like the same situation. Would love to automate this. Has anyone found a solution??