DTH for Xiaomi Aqara OPPLE Wireless Scene Switch?


found a new Xiaomi Aqara OPPLE Wireless Scene Switch on aliexpress. looks nice.
AHas anyone tried to write a device handler for it yet?

Looks very interesting…!
Maybe @veeceeoh know something…?

Well… I have read that these were not made for the user to replace the battery:

Until new versions of the switches are released that have easy-to-replace batteries, and there is more information on whether they are truly following the ZigBee 3.0 specification, I do not have any plans to buy one to make a DTH.

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Yes looks like they let the intern design the thing.

Thx for sharing

Is there any DH for this? I have ordered one and its arriving soon.

I have one at home and actually it is easy to replace the battery. But I don’t know how to add this device to ST :frowning:

You won’t be able to add it to ST. A custom device handler needs to be written for it, if the device can work with the ST hub at all.

From what I’ve read about the Aqara-Opple button “switches”, they may not work with ST hubs.

I do not own any Aqara-Opple button “switches” and I have no need to buy any to use for myself. So I won’t be able to find out if they work with ST and try to write a driver.

I managed to pair the Aqara Opple switch with ST using the device handler from https://github.com/bspranger/Xiaomi. However, when I add the device it acts very strangely, pressing the buttons controls all Zigbee lamps and bulbs in my house, absolutely all devices turns on/off, changes color temp etc.

Looking at the Event list I see that the button is sending a catchall for any button press, hence I suspect that there is some Zigbee config missing.


The default behavior of the Aqara-Opple switch buttons is to send commands to ALL Zigbee bulbs and switches on the network. The hub needs to send what’s known as the correct binding configuration commands.

The only way a working SmartThings driver might be written is for someone who understands how to send the configuration commands and reverse engineer all of the different button-bush commands also happens to own an/some Aqara-Opple button(s). I say “might” because it’s not guaranteed. I have read of efforts of users of other Home Automation platforms who have struggled to get full functionality of these button devices.

Don’t know if that can help. But Habitat users already have their solution.

Can someone convert it to SmartThings ?

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I had a look but as my first attempt at groovy I bombed I’m afraid.