DSC Server = REST + Envisalink + DSC

geko -

Appreciate the input and insight. Will have a look at SmartAlarm - no need to reinvent the wheel unless necessary.

@mbegala, You’ve probably seen my thread on this topic. No such luck. :frowning:

I have an EVL-3 on a DSC panel and here’s my input:

I think this is more user intuitive. [DSC] <=> [Envisalink3] <=> [Ethernet Bridge] <=> {ST Cloud}

Basically my thought is that if the windows or doors are open to turn off my A/C. So basically if Zones 1, 4, or 5 are not ready. Or set a geofence to arm the system. It would be nice to utilize the system that is already in place instead of having to purchase all new wireless sensors to connect to ST.

Also motion to trigger cameras would be good, too. I get lost in all this technical stuff.

There’s already a solution that uses Envisalink and AlarmServer:

Also for anyone interested… I used NodeJS/express for some endpoints in my own. Just updated some of the code: https://github.com/oehokie/smartthings-dsc-alarm

Has a couple of neat features including arming and disarming from a device (including “Night Mode”) and if you leave a door unlocked when the alarm is armed it will notify you. Can also have it turn off the lights when it’s in away mode (and sonos, but I couldn’t quite get that working).

@sanity I issued a pull request, but was trying to make it a branch since I removed some of your readme stuff. Didn’t want to confuse people with the competing “styles”

I’m currently using a zwave setup with an evl 3 and DSC 1832 panel. I have a smartthings hub still in the box because I’m just waiting for this integration to be as easy as Zwave’s.

I have no coding background but pretty tech savvy. What is the reason a plug-in cant be created in similar fashion to zwave? please excuse my ignorance,


@rsoares28 What do you mean by a plugin? The smartthings hub isn’t capable of communicating with the envisalink 3 hub directly (or they haven’t opened up that type of access to their hardware yet… but I think it’s the former).

I’ve updated my code yet again and made my own repo on github: https://github.com/oehokie/SmartDSC If you decide to try it and need some help, let me know (you’d need a raspberry pi or some other kind of server in your house (computer that’s always on) for it to work though.

Zwave has an apps/plug-in section on its dashboard. For example zwave doesn’t work officially with the Nest but the community created a Nest plug-in that you install from the dashboard… sign in with your nest user/pass and now the Nest shows up on your Dashboard as a device that you can manipulate/add to scenes etc. similar in fashion for the Philips Hue and many other connected devices.

You can see a list of apps here https://apps.mios.com/

What i’m saying is why does it seem like such a process for smartthings when its as easy as installing an app on Zwave?

I’m not knocking Smartthings, i’m just trying to understand if the DSC alarm and envisalink will soon be as easy to integrate down the road as it is with Zwave.


Right, but DSC and Envisalink are not z-wave based. The Vera (which uses the mios plugins, and that I also own) is a more “powerful” piece of hardware and has the capability to use socket connections to connect to the Envisalink.

So, no… I don’t see the DSC alarm ever getting to the point where you can plug and play.

Thanks for the reply. I understand they’re not zwave based, I was trying to find out if apps/plugins could be created for ST in a similar fashion to zwave but now i see that its not possible. Thanks for the explanation

@rsoares28 I don’t want yo leave you with the wrong impression. For other things (not DSC) it is possible and there is a way for community members to submit code and it gets made publicly available, like your plugin catalog. It’s just not possible in this particular case. (Edit: because a server/always on computer/raspberry pi/whatever) is needed as a “middleman”

Thanks for the clarification

Hey, any luck on this? I’m also interested.

Now that V2 is coming out do you know if this new hub will have the ability to interface with the envisalink in similar fashion to the vera? eg: no python, middelman computer? just an app where you enter your envisalink credentials.



Also very interested. Plan on preordering a v2.

Yeah, I’m still craving my DSC integration. Bought the Envisalink a year ago and installed it but just not willing to beat my head for a weekend setting up a sever and trying to get the various coding aspects working. Hopefully V2 will allow a duplex eth path.

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Just ordered v2 instead of my Vera3.

So in order to achieve the same control i had with the Vera i need to setup a “Server” if so… can you give me a link to the correct project/help/video for doing so…i “prefer” windows.