Dryer notification based on temperature?

How long does it stay at 10 watts during a load? Rule can say if washer stays less than 11 watts for “x” amount of minutes then it’s done…

Thanks…tried to play with that approach for a while, but it didn’t work, by which I mean I kept getting a bunch of false positives (I get “done” notification, but it’s not done).

Might have been that my piston wasn’t set up correctly. I tried setting up to 6 or 7 minutes as the “stuck at 10 watts or less” time period, and didn’t want to have to set the time higher, since the whole point of this was to get to the laundry as quickly as possible after it is done. If you have a couple simple pointers to the best way to set that up, I may give it another go.

Frankly, I’m a bit pissed at my washer for behaving so badly, and tired of futzing w/the piston. LOL…how machines make us crazy, pretty darn sure my washer is snickering quietly to itself the whole time.

@Danabw Can you share your method of setting a timer for the washing machine?

Just to be clear, I’m really setting a timer that says when to go check the washing machine…it’s not turning it on/off or anything.

I’m doing it w/a CoRE piston…it’s a very simple “Basic” piston.

If washer goes above 9 watts, then wait 45 minutes, and then send a text to me that the wash is done.

When I tried the same with CoRE, every time it would go above x watts, the timer would start AGAIN! Could you show your piston, or say which settings you used? So that the timer starts the first time it goes above x watts.


Yeah, I definitely know the feeling! Before I used the power outlets, I had a pretty good setup for the washer. I had/still have a Samsung multi-sensor wrapped in a ziplock bag, Velcro’d and tape to the outside of the drum. This worked very well with the laundry app.

Didn’t even try to set it up with CoRE. Damn thing. Is stillninside the washer because I am too lazy to repurpose it right now.

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The one lucky thing for me is once my washer starts a load, it never goes below 10 watts, and before starting a load (sitting doing nothing), it never goes above 9 watts…so I only need to check for it hitting 10 watts (set up as my “push” value).

So in CoRE, you have when smart plug goes above 9 watts, wait 45 minutes, then send push notification? This didn’t work for me.

I have core set up to wait for a “button press” from the modified HEM DTH that treats the HEM like a two-button device, with watts settings to “push” or “hold” each button.

If button 1 (clamp 1, on the washer line) goes to 10 watts (which it does at the start of a new load) the HEM reports a “press” of virtual button 1. My piston is set to start a timer when that push occurs, and then send me a text after 45 minutes.

I haven’t actually used the piston yet (no dirty laundry) but expect it to work…

This is the HEM DTH I use, developed by others, minor modifications by me. It reads clamps separately, and makes the clamp appear like a virtual two-button device, so you can wait for button presses that occur based on settings in the DTH to push or hold the devices’ two virtual buttons based on watts readings.

I have a bread maker (4 hrs) and a washing machine (40-70mins) on a single smart plug, and I’ve kind of got it working ok. If the bread maker goes above 5 watts turn on a virtual switch that uses Smart Lighting to turn off after 4 hours, but if the washing machine goes above 1000w then sits at 3 watts to send a push notification AND turn off that virtual switch, so it’s a bit messy as sometimes I get two notifications. I was trying to eliminate the virtual switch and keep everything within CoRE, but as I said, trying to get a timer to start the first time the plug goes above x watts is impossible, the timer keeps resetting itself.

I’ll let you know what I experience…if that doesn’t work (start x minute timer when event occurs) then seems like something very basic in CoRE isn’t working.

When you say the timer keeps resetting itself, what do you mean? That it loops (counts down repeatedly) or ?

Instead of push notification 4 hours after it goes above 4 watts, I get it 8 hours later! 4 hours after the last time it went above 4 watts!
I need 4 hours after the event of above 4 watts starts, the first time, regardless of the wattage after that. I just don’t know to do an event of it!

I just had a “DOH” moment on this…my piston won’t work if the washer hits the “push” wattage more than once during the cycle (which it does, the wattage ranges from 8 up to over 300 during a cycle).

I’m stumped at this point (with my limited newbie CoRE skills). I need a piston that will:

  1. Wait for a push from the HEM button (push = washer hits 10 watts, which it does at the very start of a load)
  2. Ignore any other button “pushes” from the HEM until the piston has completed running
  3. Wait 45 minutes
  4. Send me a text

Time to go do a little CoRE exploring.

Do this with a variable (boolean). This type of variable sets a True or False state for a condition or set of conditions.

So using CoRE

Basic Piston in Expert Mode

If power meter (washer) stays greater 10 watts for 1 minute
When True
Set Variable Boolean (Name it to anything you like such as {washeron} without the “{ }”,–CoRE will make it for you=True


This way you can set up a new rule to Set Variable {washeron} to False

If power meter (washer) stays less than 10 watts for 10 minutes
When True
Set Variable Boolean (Exact same name as above “washeron”) =False


Now you can use the Variables you set as a condition.

If (using Location) Variable (washeron)=False
When True
Using Location=Send Push Notification “Hey You Lazy Bums, The Washer is Finished!”