Dry Contact with Specific Purpose?

I just added three new ZW097-A ZWave Dry Contact Sensors.
Since I already had Waterbug sensors installed, I opted to use the ZWave to report when the waterbug sensor is “closed” or “open”

All this works fine.

However, the Smartthings Dashboard will not allow me to use my “ZWave Window/Door/Contact” sensor as a water leak sensor.

Same holds true for my Smoke Alarms which run of a relay - now connected to a ZWave Dry Contact Sensor.

What is the best way to make the “Dashboard” recognize these dry contact sensors as true monitors for smoke/water?

Probably have to modify the device handler to make it report different capabilities.

Might take a look at this also, I don’t see that a contact sensor can be used as an input but I didn’t read all of the details either.