Dry contact relay....help

I want to convert an analogue voltage output in to a dry contact.

How is best to do this. I believe the output from the sensor is the same as the input. This can be from 5-24v DC. But for my use I need to change this to a dry contact for monitoring.

Help please.

Take a look at FortrezZ’s Mimolite to see if that will work for you:


It’s possible. Need to read up on it. It’s more than I need but could be used for a couple of extra solutions too.

Need to understand if it can be used as a dumb relay too.

I use these for dry contact sensors they work great. They can be used as a door or window sensor but they also have a dry contact sensor in the main body.

Just seen the cost. Not what I need at that cost. But might still be useful for something in the future

I need to connect a voltage output on to a dry only solution. So I need a relay. Just can’t work out which one I need or if anyone makes a mini module.

I see yes I have a mimolite working for that they are pricey. I found one for 60 when I got mine.

Well, that is a big range. But one of your easiest options actually is to use a 12v automotive relay and a modified Contact sensor (one that allows for external contacts). The GoControl WADWAZ-1 is one that does this. You would wire your output to the coil side of the relay so that when it was on, it would provide contact to the other side of the relay, therefore closing the loop for your contact sensor. Much cheaper and easier than a dry contact.

Not sure if you are looking for something like this or not.

I am using a GoControl Contact Sensor with the external connection connected to a relay https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XAGT052/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 to monitor power to my freezer.

A USB wall wart is plugged into the same circuit and keeps the relay closed. If the circuit goes out the relay opens and I get an alert that the power is out.

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HA! Now that’s just creepy. But you can do the same with an automotive relay without the 5v supply. I’m using one as my power-failure detector. They run just off the power provided to the coil side of the relay. The one I used was very similar to this one:

This is what I am looking for. I assume I would use the IN port to signal the relay to switch not the DC only like you are using? I assume DC +/- only fires the relay and the IN port turns the relay off again? allowing this to do both functions?

You are right you could but this is a lot neater and not much more. in fact order from Aliexpress or similar they are less than $1-2

It is a big range but I can choose what goes in. I need to check if its directly out.

The DC powers the relay and the IN controls. I jumpered the DC+ to the IN so that it controls also.