How Smartthings Work With Camera

(Nico) #1

I see from compatible product for ST here there’s only Dropcam camera that officially support with ST.
What ST can do with Dropcam camera ?
Can ST take control when to take picture with Dropcam ?
Can we live stream ?

Anyone use this camera ?

And then, is there any network based camera that can integrate with ST ?
Because for a long time, only Dropcam that officially supported wih ST

(Ben Edwards) #2

Hi there. More camera support is coming soon. For now the Dropcam integration allows the following:

  • Taking photos by tapping a button in the mobile app
  • Setting up an automation to take a photo or burst of photos when something happens (a door opens or motion is detected - with a separate motion sensor)
  • Swipe though a carousel of photos taken from a Dropcam.

It does not allow any access to Dropcam’s motion sensor or ability to change settings.
It does not allow live streaming.

Lots of people use these cameras.

I need advise on what to Purchase
(Dan) #3

There are a number of community written device types that support a similar level of support for various other IP cameras. Basically, if your camera supports getting a picture through a REST style URL, then you can probably use your camera as above. Search for “IP camera” in the community.

That said, I am looking forward to hopefully more seamless support and streaming video with Hub V2 :slight_smile:

(Nico) #4

And hopefully ST will still support with the V1 hub to get update to use camera :grinning:

(Ben Edwards) #5

Part of the reason for the upgrade to a next generation SmartThings Hub is that it has a much bigger processor and can handle video streaming. The current generation hub, just cannot.

(Nico) #6

That’s the bitter part, when you need to upgrade your hardware and make your old hardware useless.
Is there any trade in program to exchange the ST hub ?
Hopefully Hub V2 will last longer of usage before another hardware upgrade