How Smartthings Work With Camera

I see from compatible product for ST here there’s only Dropcam camera that officially support with ST.
What ST can do with Dropcam camera ?
Can ST take control when to take picture with Dropcam ?
Can we live stream ?

Anyone use this camera ?

And then, is there any network based camera that can integrate with ST ?
Because for a long time, only Dropcam that officially supported wih ST

Hi there. More camera support is coming soon. For now the Dropcam integration allows the following:

  • Taking photos by tapping a button in the mobile app
  • Setting up an automation to take a photo or burst of photos when something happens (a door opens or motion is detected - with a separate motion sensor)
  • Swipe though a carousel of photos taken from a Dropcam.

It does not allow any access to Dropcam’s motion sensor or ability to change settings.
It does not allow live streaming.

Lots of people use these cameras.

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There are a number of community written device types that support a similar level of support for various other IP cameras. Basically, if your camera supports getting a picture through a REST style URL, then you can probably use your camera as above. Search for “IP camera” in the community.

That said, I am looking forward to hopefully more seamless support and streaming video with Hub V2 :slight_smile:

And hopefully ST will still support with the V1 hub to get update to use camera :grinning:

Part of the reason for the upgrade to a next generation SmartThings Hub is that it has a much bigger processor and can handle video streaming. The current generation hub, just cannot.

That’s the bitter part, when you need to upgrade your hardware and make your old hardware useless.
Is there any trade in program to exchange the ST hub ?
Hopefully Hub V2 will last longer of usage before another hardware upgrade