Drone Mobile - Smart Things?

Hi all!

I am getting a remote start installed in my Toyota Sienna (CompuStar) with the Drone Mobile phone integration.

Does anyone think there is a way to integrate this with ST? I would love to have some warning triggers integrated…like if the vehicle has been running for more than 20 minutes and the presence sensor is still “present”.



There’s a project on github that someone clobbered together to interface a spark core with a CompuStar remote starter. Might be worth looking into since the Drone Mobile stuff is from them.

It was for iOS only though, but it might give you – or someone else – some ideas.

run-on won’t be a problem since they’ll turn off after an adjustable maximum.

Just got Drone remote start installed on my Q5. Any Smartthings integration possible?

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Maybe add an Automatic device to the car as well?