Continuing the discussion from Nest away vs auto-away - is this in the API?:

I played around with IFTTT and automatic a while ago but not with SmartThings. What I like different than other geofencing options is it knows when the car is started or stopped. You could program the garage door to shut automatically after turning the car off, for example.

I plan on working on the integration since they have an API, but haven’t found time yet.

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I looked into integration with Automatic, but their current API does not allow multiple users (on the ST system) to use a single client_id. I believe the ST people have reached out, but I believe they will need changes before a proper integration.


I don’t understand the limitation fully. Is this a technical issue and if so, which end needs to change.

I know both parties have issues with users. Automatic requires a different user per phone. You can’t easily combine the two and when both are in the car, it gets messy telling which is the driver.

And of course, SmartThings doesn’t have roles yet. The longer they delay this they open themselves to bad press when someone’s privacy is compromised by shared users.

One feature I want to add is a Sonos message in the morning reminding me to give myself extra time to fill the tank. However, the low fuel status is not in the API yet.

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Has anyone made any progress on this? I want my car to be a thing in the ST app. I have backed the electron, and the electron + bluetooth + automatic api would give the car a real time black box.

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on some cloud-to-cloud integration with Automatic.

Check it out!

See My Automatic Device at:

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