Drive gate hold open using Zwave

I would like to be able to trigger the hold open for the drive gate. The operator runs off a battery. The connections terminals have connections for +12vdc. -12vds, “open”, “hold open”, “close”, “hold close”, and more. I think I need a 2 relay dry contact z wave that can run off of DC power. I am not sure if the FortrezZ Z-WavePlus MiMO2+ Interface Module is the correct choice. I think the “hold open” could be triggered until the gate is open using time as the estimate for how long to keep the relay triggered. There may also be a connection that can be made to the open limit to stop the trigger. Alternatively the “open” could be triggered just a few seconds. Then use time or the open limit to wait to trigger the “hold open” for a few seconds. When it is time to close the gate the “open” could be triggered a few seconds to start the boards close timer which will then close the gate. This way I would not need three dry contact relays. Has anyone done this and can provide ideas?



I was able to get the FortrezZ Z-WavePlus MiMO2+ to run off of the gate’s power, hold the gate open and restart the gate’s close timer when ready to close it. In addition, I was able to put these together in Alexa to make it work in a routine.

Run off the gate’s power: Connected the MiMO2+ PWR terminal to the gates +12VDC and MiMO2+GND to -12VDC terminals eliminating the need for the MiMO2+included power supply.

Gate hold open: Connected the MiMO2+ Normally Open 1 (NO1) terminal to the gate’s hold open terminal and the MiMO2+ COM1 to the gate’s common terminal. In the ST app for MiMO2+ a-side set the relay delay to 0. This makes the relay work like a switch and stays in the on or off position when triggered.

Restart the gate’s close timer: Connected the MiMO2+ Normally Open 2 (NO2) terminal to the gate’s open terminal and the MiMO2+ COM2 to the gate’s common terminal. In the ST app for MiMO2+ b-side set the relay delay to 1. This makes the relay toggle on for 1 second and then off when triggered. This activates the gate’s close timer and the gate will close after the gate timer delay ends.

Alexa hold open gate: The routine is simply just having Alexa turn on the MiMO2+ a-side.

Alexa close gate: The routine turn off the MiMO2+ a-side and then activates the MiMO2+ b-side toggle.