Drayton Wiser - Zigbee Channels, Interference etc

Hi all. I’m having terrible trouble with Wiser losing signal to associated devices. Some great posts on here about zigbee so hoping someone can help.

I live in a quiet area radio wise, however have four WiFi APs. Following a two-channel layout (1 and 6) in an attempt to leave space for Zigbee.

Is there any way to determine the Zigbee frequency the Wiser is using? I suppose this would be a start.


This the Smartthings forum, and not Schneider’s support forum if there is any. But to get this information, you need to look into your Wiser app and look for some settings there. Otherwise, you can contact Wiser support, but they are not really helpful.

If you use a SmartThings hub for your Wiser devices, you can check the Zigbee channel from the IDE, under the Hub.

What you need to know about Zigbee vs Wifi channels:

Thank you for the reply.

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