Dr. Hue is in and the Bulbs are back (Reset Hue bulbs to factory)

@manu, thanks I have heard that before on the range. I know with the touch link remote that comes from Hue it has to touch the bulb or be within a few cementers. I bet its radio is putting out a very low signal when acting as a remote.

Hi, I’ve looked at the sniffer logs in more detail.

The file deCONZ_TL_6_24_15_Run1.psd is quite interesting it shows in frame 55 that the Philips hue light (MAC address 0x0017…) responds to the ‘Touchlink Scan Request’ with a valid ‘Touchlink Scan Response’ command.

So ZigBee wise this looks completely ok.

I’ve further tested the Touchlink scan with a E19 Philips hue Lux light (LWB004) FW: 66012040 as yours (reported as by deCONZ). The light showed up in the scan list as expected.

After reset the Lux joined the deCONZ network and was controllable from there on.

It’s not clear to me why the results don’t show up in scan list within the WebApp. Software versions seem fine, ZigBee works … I will check the code path from RaspBee to deCONZ/WepApp if there are bugs where the scan response could be missed. This will take a while I’ll keep you informed when there is a solution.

Thanks again for the sniffer logs and details this really helps a lot!


+1 for Smarthings providing this capability

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… and it is not communicating with anything your only option is to use the Light Link Remote to reset it. Philips makes such a remote and to reset the bulb you have to physically touch it to the bulb and hold a couple of buttons …

Could you please tell me where to buy this Philips’ Light Link Remote? I have searched several days and still can’t find a ZLL remote. Thanks in advance!

Well I couldn’t find just the remote anywhere so I had to buy the Bloom that comes with the remote. http://www.amazon.com/Philips-709986048-Living-Colors-Table/dp/B00BIHTCA8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1435934480&sr=8-2&keywords=philips+bloom

Keep in mind the Philips remote may not work if your bulbs have connected to SmartThings on a non Light Link channel. The only way to be sure you can reset the bulbs is to use something like this https://www.dresden-elektronik.de/funktechnik/solutions/wireless-light-control/raspbee-gateway/?L=1

Buddy, please keep in mind that the bloom with remote is an older model as far as I remember.


Thank you for the information!

With my upgrade to Hub v2 I lost my 3 hues so I finally broke down and bought the RaspBee and loaded up one of my Pi’s tonight with the software and was a piece of cake to reset them.

Yep had to do the same thing with all my bulbs to migrate to Hub 2.

On another note:
I wish there was a better hue device type for us direct connect folks. If you know of one better than the one available from SmartThings let me know!!

I’m just using the ST one. I’m not having any issues with it, are you?

Yea it has never worked well for me. It often doesn’t match the true state of my bulbs. When Smart Apps try to change all my bulbs only about 2/3 of them get set to the correct colors and brightness. Other device types just don’t act this way. Since its not supported to have the bulbs directly connected to the hub I just live with it. On some days all the bulbs get set correctly but most days they don’t.

I’ve found that the Lutron remote (LZL-4B) will reset the Hue bulbs. Press buttons 2&4 and wait for the remote & bulbs to go through the reset cycle.


@manu Any updates relative to the new deCONZ 2.0 would be greatly appreciated. I am not seeing my GE A19 light in the new web interface which is a bit different than the screen captures shown in this thread. I have reset the bulb back to factory defaults using the power on/off five times to get the blink, but the light still never shows in the web interface. I do see an end device pop up in node information in deCONZ next to my coordinator. I am running my own Pi with deCONZ 2.00.00, Build Qt 4.8.2, Firmware 0x019140500. Any idea why I never see the light in the web interface?

Hi, I have Philips Hue and Raspbee.

A few weeks ago, I can control Hue bulb using Raspbee, but for some reason, Raspbee can’t recognize the bulb.
So I tried to reset the firmware of Raspbee but nothing went well.

Can you tell me what to do for re-connecting Hue and Raspbee?
Please help me.

Hello there
I have been trying to use RaspBee premium(derf256 mega) and create a network and add Xbee S2 devices into the network but the problem is the series 2 xbee devices(product family XB24-ZB) running on firmware version 21A7 API mode. Either the coordinator(RaspBee) or the routers(XBEE S2) devices are unable to find the coordinator to join the network. Please help me to get out of this problem. Is there any configuration change needed to be done for the two devices to talk. or another firmware is needed???

The xBee needs to be programmed properly so it can join a ZigBee Home Automation network. Here are the steps for doing this with an xBee USB dongle. FAQ: Mapping your ZigBee network with Digi's XCTU

If you have problems getting the XML file to load into your xBee please post your question in the above referenced thread and I will try to give you a hand.

Thanks for the help John, but i have got another problem it might be silly but I’ll put it here the problem is now after configuring the xbee, i am able to get the devices connected in the deCONZ on raspberry pi but they are not shown on webapp. Please help with this. Also is their a link to directly download the firmware as using the web app its taking a long time to download the firmware update.

What does an orphaned hue bulb look like? My hue bulbs have never been connected to a hue bridge. They were connected to an osram bridge. Moved them over to ST hub tonight and all 4 list as Thing. If I change them in IDE to ZigBee Hue they all 4 show up but on/off does nothing. Any help appreciated.

This is NOT an argument against this method. I know nothing about any of this yet. I’m gathering data, and I’m just curious…

If there is already a much less expensive method for resetting Hue bulbs (i.e. getting a Lutron remote, etc), is the main reason for going with something this expensive the fact that, once you get one of these, you will then have a RPi that you can do all kinds of other stuff with, or is there something actually important as an alternative to doing it the cheaper way?

Check the thread dates. This method was introduced before the Lutron device was available. And the Lutron device still isn’t available outside the US as far as I know. :sunglasses: