Dr. Hue is in and the Bulbs are back (Reset Hue bulbs to factory)

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The Lutron Remote was released around October 2015, this thread was started 10 months prior. :wink: It got a bump of interest again once the UK members joined.

you seem to have the most experience when it comes to Hue products here on ST community.
I have a major problem…
I have 12 bulbs (very expensive investment) that were connected to ST through the Hue Bridge.
The bridge decided to get disconnected from the ST hub and no matter what I did I was not able to reconnect it again.
I decided to ditch the Hue bridge and connect directly, so I bought the Lutron remote.
I went through the factory reset process several times, however ST Hub is unable to discover the bulbs at all ( I go through MarketPlace --> tconnect new device route)
Please help. I will greatly appreciate it

In order to join the SmartThings hub your bulbs have to be reset to factory new condition. If that has been done and they still wont join SmartThings hub directly contact SmartThings support. You may need a firmware upgrade.

I just want to add the luttron remote technique for these bulbs works and works very well regardless of bulb state or what it was last connected to. I saved 3 that had been booked after a wall switch went rogue on me. Home Depot has them as standard items for about $23.

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I stupidly paired a hue remote dimmer to a hue white bulb after getting the bulb to successfully work with ST. That’s when I realised I couldn’t reset it back to factory to re-pair it with the ST hub after seeing this thread (I’m in the UK).

I have managed to get the bulb back to factory state by first resetting the dimmer remote (paper clip in the reset hole for 10+ seconds) and then holding the remote near the offending bulb (while powered) and holding down the on and off buttons simultaneously. Bulb will blink to acknowledge and can then be paired with the ST hub.


That can work if you are lucky and your SmartThings hub is running on a zigbee home automation channel which is also a ZLL channel. It just won’t work for everyone, which is why there’s a caveat.

(And of course you did have to use the second device which is the Hue dimmer.

The Hue dimmer can factory reset a Hue bulb which is on a ZLL channel like 15 or 25.)

People run into a problem when their SmartThings hub is on a ZHA channel like 14 which is not also a ZLL channel. The Smartthings hub will change the bulb to its own frequency when the bulb is directly joined to it. Unless that frequency is one of the ZLL frequencies, a ZLL device like the hue dimmer won’t be able to talk to it anymore. So they won’t be able to get it to reset.

So it’s just a matter of chance as to what frequency your own SmartThings hub is on. The method you describe is the standard method for devices on a ZLL frequency, So if you’re lucky and that’s one of the ones your own hub is using, the standard method will work.

If by chance your hub is using a different ZHA Frequency, one of the ones that is not used by ZLL devices, Then the standard method won’t work. Which is why you see so much discussion in the forums.

In the US, the Lutron connected bulb remote (not the similar looking Pico) is able to reset a bulb on any ZHA frequency, which is why that has become the method of choice in the US.

If you are in the UK and you are Lucky and your smartthings hub is operating on one of the frequencies that ZLL uses, then you can use the hue dimmer as you did.

If you are in the UK and your smartthings hub is operating on one of the non ZLL frequencies, Then you have to either use the Dresden device described in this thread or find one of the old non-Hue color control wheels to do the resetting.

So, I have read through this entire thread and tried a number of things, but have not hit upon something that solves my issue. Here is my story. Curious if anyone has any insight:

I have a few Hue PAR16’s. For a number of reasons, I had never connected them to my Hue bridge. I inadvertently connected them to my ST hub. Trying to move them back to the Hue bridge, I foolishly removed them from the ST hub (before I had read this and many similar threads). At that point, the ST hub could not communicate with them and the Hue bridge could not either.

But my bulbs are doing something I have not heard anyone else describe. When they are powered on, instead of staying on, they blink and then turn off. If I flip the switch again, they will do the same thing.

I tried to reset them using the Conbee (USB version of the Rasbee) and deCONZ software. That could not see the bulbs. It scanned for them but never showed them so that they could be reset. My ST hub is on Channel 15 and the Conbee could communicate on Channel 15. I did all of the scans while it was set to Channel 15 (athough I am not sure if deCONZ scans more than one channel). I turned on the power to the bulb. The bulb flashed and then I did the scan. Nothing. I kept the Conbee radio within 1 or 2 inches of the bulb.

Next, I tried the Lutron connected bulb remote. I turned on power to the bulb and it blinked and then turned off. Then, I held down the 2nd and 4th buttons about an inch from the bulb. The LED on the remote was solid green for about 5-7 seconds, before the LED turned off. The Lutron instructions say that the bulb should blink half way through this, but it did not. I did a new scan for the Hue bulb on the Hue app and nothing showed up, so I am assuming it did not actually reset.

Any idea on what is going on with these bulbs? Are the bulbs dead?

In the Hue app, in the add lights section, try the “Add serial number” option. then enter the serial number printed on the bulb.

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UPDATE: This remote DOES NOT reset the Hue bulb … the button combination (previously stated) only pairs the bulb to the remote and adds it to scene one. I’m looking for the correct docs to see if it is possible … if not, I will re-post advising against buying one of these.

@nhinson that is great to know as i just recently purchased one of these remotes. I was able to use it to directly (no hub) control a hue light. though when i tried to re-add it back to the hue hub it didnt find it and i had to enter the s/n.

@Awestun - - With much chagrin I have to advise that it DOES NOT WORK. The “factory reset” was nothing more than a confirmation that it paired with the remote. I have tried several different configurations and none of them makes the bulb visible to ST again. I’m going to keep look for the right docs … If I find it I will re-post. Otherwise I’m just going to take the previous post down. My apologies for the mis-information. :"-P [quote=“Awestun, post:53, topic:9856, full:true”]
@nhinson that is great to know as i just recently purchased one of these remotes. I was able to use it to directly (no hub) control a hue light. though when i tried to re-add it back to the hue hub it didnt find it and i had to enter the s/n.

**FACTORY RESET PHILLIPS HUE BULB** - - - Since I had such a hard time figuring all this out I'm going to give _**FULL DETAILS**_ on how to do this. Below is a list of _**what works and what doesn't work.**_

First, the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote, from Home Depot, for $22 + tax. In-store availability is excellent. From top to bottom press and hold (within very close proximity) the second and bottom buttons simultaneous. The bulb will flash then dim. Now the bulb is reset. Place bulb close to ST hub and select Add a Thing only. Add Device Manually will not allow you to add a Phillips hue bulb without adding a Hue Bridge first. Once added it will show the device type as “unknown”. Login to your IDE page. (http://graph.api.smartthings.com) and edit new device. Change “Type” to either ZLL RGBW Bulb or Zigbee RGBW Bulb. Both work well. You may also poke around this “Community” and find some EXCELLENT device-Type Handlers (DTH’s) that individuals have written … if you know how to create your own DTH’s. I specialize in voice automation only, (Alexa & Goggle Home) so these generic DTH’s more than suffice for me. - - (NOTE: The Lutron Caseta Pico remote DOES NOT work!)

Second, the Light Link remote by Phillips who’s proper name is “LivingColors Ambience”, for $12 to $14 from China, and is easy to find on eBay. This is the most interesting remote. It is gorgeous! It both does AND does NOT work. It WILL factory reset your bulb but unfortunately it also automatically pairs your bulb to the remote. (Press “On” button for 5+ seconds.) You can then press “Off” for 5+ seconds to unpair it… at which time it needs to be factory reset again. So there-in lies your catch 22! I have not been successful at adding it to the system in tandem with the ST hub. If you figure out how to do that, please share, as I would love to use this remote as a coffee table remote. It works great but unfortunately it is useless in this application. Perhaps I will find some other use for it. I love it!

Lastly, We have the Phillips Remote. I don’t know it’s exact name and I only found a single seller on eBay and only in the UK. Price is ~$14 USD. Approx 1 week delivery time. I DID NOT test this one but saw it work on YouTube and am convinced that it works. Press “On” and “Scene One” simultaneously until bulb flashes. Then follow the same directions as written above. Supposedly it will reset your Hue Bridge too.

I also saw something about using the Hue Bridge & App to reset the Hue bulb… but you are on your own there. I am principally opposed to buying every manufactures’ bridge. Hue, Iris, Lutron, Broadlink, Harmony, Wink, HomeKit, StaplesConnect etc… I’d have more bridges than devices and many hundreds of dollars invested. I oppose proprietary type manufacturers which is why I use ST, Harmony and Android only. I’m sure the rest are ALL very fine devices… just not for me.

This has turned into a full blown article … I hope it has been helpful… go rest your eyes now. :slight_smile:


FYI - The Lutron remote method also will work with Almond. I just was able to reset a Hue Bloom with the remote while the Almond+ I use was in ‘add Zigbee device’ mode. It took some time once the Bloom blinked three times using the remote for the Almond to pick it up.

Working though. Thanks!


I have few Philips Hue bulbs paired to CC2531 coordinator.
I want to factory reset them without spending huge amount money just for one time resetting on those.
Would you collaborate in private message what is technically the way to reset those ( I mean if you dont want to reveal the secret publicly I can keep it to myself).
I have 2x Xbee S2C version 2 that can be reprogrammed and I can use the SDK to create a custom image to flash on them to make one of those a resetter for bulbs temporarily.
My final idea is to reflash my CC2531 coordinator with sniffer firmware and one of the Xbee S2C will become a coordinator. Using the node-red-contrib-zblight project it’s possible now. First of all the Z-Stack firmware is not open source and I don’t like how CC2531 functions with zigbee2mqtt its too cumbersome and once the module bricked by itself and I had to reflash it again with the Z-Stack firmware.
Would be so kind of you. Thank you.

How did you end up doing it? With cc2531 is it possible to factory reset using Zigbee2mqtt touchlink?