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Double Tripping Sensor before Alarm Sounds?


(Kent G Johnson) #1

I was wondering if there was a way to set SmartThings to sound the alarm, not after one motion sensor detection but after two detections within a 30 second or 1 minute time period. For me, this would prevent a false alarm. For some reason I have false alarms with no one at home. I have no pets, and no one else can enter the home. The door sensors have not been triggered so I had no intruders. Any suggestions??


what phone OS are you using? There may be some additional options, but they will vary depending on the OS.

(Kent G Johnson) #5

Hi JD, thanks for all your help. The app by

(Kent G Johnson) #6

Hi JD, thanks for all your help. I would like to try the app by Mike Maxwell. How do I install it on an Android device?


Start with this.

Then if you have anymore questions, ask in the thread on that app. :sunglasses: