Double Tap on Lutron switch to turn on other lights?

New user. I have Lutron hub linked to smartthings cloud (no added hub). I have two outdoor flood light circuits, each with a caseta smart switch. Is there a way to set smartthings to turn on all other circuit if and only if the local switch is double-tapped? That is, single tap turns on lights as if not a smart switch, pressing on a second time turns on other circuit’s lights. Same thing for turning off: single tap turns off local, double tap turns of both?

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Unfortunately, not. This can really only be done with a switch which is built to do it so that the double tap is captured at the switch itself. Once you introduce latency by trying to detect the double taps at the platform, it just tends to be unreliable. :disappointed_relieved:

I really like Lutron switches and use them in my own home, but they aren’t made for double tap.

There is a possibility, but no promises, that once Lutron has matter compatibility maybe the pico devices will be exposed to Smartthings, in which case you could use scene control for this. But we will just have to wait and see. :thinking:

Thanks for the quick reply. As a fall-back (short of putting a pico next the the switch to control the other circuit), Can smart-things detect if the light is switched on again when it is already on to do this (with a very long delay between successive taps) ?

Maybe, but I have a feeling that Lutron won’t send the second tap if it’s already on. You would have to try it to see.

Many of the better quality light switches have what is called a “Debounce“ feature specifically to ignore extra taps. I’m pretty sure Lutron has implemented this in the Caseta line.

Thanks. That looks like it is the case. I have another automation set up to turn on the bathroom fan when the shower light is turned on. I can turn off the fan with its switch, leaving the shower light on. Pushing shower light on again when it is already on does not turn the fan on again, so it looks like Lutron will not send an additional on at any time while the switch is already on.
So it looks like I either mirror the floodlights on for all, or I put a pico up next to the switch set to turn on all and leave the switch controlling only the circuit it is on. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it and it saved me a lot of time experimenting.

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