Doorbell Device Handler?

I’m looking for a custom device handler for use with a doorbell wired to an Ecolink contact sensor that says something other than open and close plus has something more relevant for an image. I’d thought there was some listed in the community but cannot find now. Thanks.

Why not use Lannouncer + WebCoRe? If you need a DH you can use Rboys SmartApps

Well I’d seen this device handler in another post but cannot find where to get it.

Use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project report section (not the DTH section) and there’s a list there for “doorbells.” You will see a couple there, including the one you just showed the picture for. Only that particular one is for a Mimolite, not a contact sensor. :sunglasses:

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Thanks @JDRoberts, maybe you can help me out with another question - what’s the difference between using a dry contact sensor and reed switch with Ecolink contact sensor for my project? Is one way better than the other? Guess I’m not completely sure I know what a dry contact sensor is.

Try code here:

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Yup found that this morning thank you. I’m just trying to find a way to edit that because mines either setup wrong or something because my doorbell says ding dong the opposite of when it should.

How did you physically hooked up the switch to the contact sensor? Switches can be normally closed or normally open or have contacts for both, and contact sensors may be the same, i.e. it may have three connections and not just two. If you can’t change that, then yes, you can edit the code to work on a open event and not a close event.

I stuck my contact sensor into the doorbell electro-magnet, without any modification. The magnet powers up when the button is pressed, which is enough to close the little reed switch inside the contact sensor. Effectively, this is a normally open situation, where the magnet causes a close event that is handled in the device handler code…

I’n using normally closed reed switches and like you just have them inside the chime unit not actually wired to the doorbell. I’d wondered if because I used normally closed instead of normally open was the reason for having ding dong at the wrong time, but the creator of the handler pointed out its got ding dong for both open and close on the contact sensor.