Door Sensor Magnets

I’ve developed a silly habit of knocking sensor magnets off doorways and losing them. Any ideas where to purchase just the magnet portion or suitable alternatives? Looks aren’t necessarily important.

Thanks in advance

You can use any magnet. That’s all the magnet piece is: a magnet in a pretty case. There are lots of small bar magnets for sale at Amazon, for example. Also any place that sells school supplies for science projects. :sunglasses:

Note that you probably don’t need “superstrong“ magnets. I would think a 5 kg pull would be plenty for most sensors. A stronger magnet can help cover an air gap If you want to trigger it as “closed” when it’s not quite shut tight. But a weaker magnet May fit the Home automation use case better since it will have to be very close to the sensor to trigger it.

You could also try some of the lightweight magnets for craft projects. You may just need to experiment to make sure that the magnet actually changes the sensor.