Door sensor mac application

I am looking to a status application for my Mac’s menu bar but I don’t want an alert every time the door is opened or closed. I found a mac application that does something similar but not with zigbee or z-wave devices.

Does anyone have any thoughts or links of an app that works with the smartthings door sensor? Thanks!

Are you saying you want an application that you can leave open to see status of your devices without notification or do you just want visual notification with no sound?

I think what Aaron needs is something similar to SmartTiles combined with an app that can add an icon on the Mac menu bar and update it with status from SmartThings. SmartTiles allows you to get a HTTP link that will provide said status. Linking the two is an XCode problem :slight_smile: but it’s a start. Of course, this would be polling for data, therefore not real time. For a real time update of the status on the Mac, the Mac software needs to act as a server and have a rule in smartthings execute a command to that Mac (provided you do all the IP routing to reach that Mac wherever it is). IFTTT may be of help with its Maker channel and ST integration. Just saying :slight_smile:

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