Door Sensor for Shed

I am looking to put a z-wave door sensor in my shed to alert me if the door is opened during the night. It will be protected from rain/snow but not temperature. I am hoping to find something that will work down to about 0F. The shed has power so I am able to use battery or plugin sensors.

Please see this Wiki post for ideas:

I would look at the Sensative strips. They are Spec’d for outdoor use with a patented battery that will operate down to -4 Fahrenheit.

Expensive, but really nice engineering, and the smartest House often has a bundle deal on them.

I know you are looking for Z-Wave but just throwing out that I use an Iris contact sensor. My shed can reach well in to the 120s when in direct sun. It probably doesn’t get below 15 in our worst winters though. The sensor has been working great for over a year.

I tried to use my Iris contact sensor in my attached garage which can get very cold (located in Update New York). It started getting wonky in early fall. Eventually changed to a wired solution using ST_Anything. Haven’t had an issue since.

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I put a Zigbee repeater in my shed then used Visonic MCT-340 E sensors.
I attached a 2AA battery holder on the door next to the sensor and used that to power it instead of the button battery.

I also have one of these sensors in my mailbox, they are pretty tough. I have seen the mailbox report temps over 150 and it keeps working.

I know you said Zwave just tossing in my experience.

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I don’t have any ZigBee devices right now and although the shed is really close to the house I don’t think a ZigBee device would work unless I got a repeater for it as well.

Understood, just providing options ideas. If you decide to try the Zigbee route. The person in this thread is making experimental devices. He will occasionally have some for sale (cheap).

I have 2 of his sensors 1 long range and 1 normal. Both work like a champ. You just have to provide feedback and such for his future enhancements.

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I wouldn’t be worried about the distance as much as the temps. Batteries don’t like the cold. They stop working.

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I’m using one of the Xiaomi contact sensors on our shed doors. I had an extra laying around so figured I’d give it a shot.
It’s about 200ft away from the hub and works great. First couple of hard rain storms we had I assumed it was toast, and since it only cost $8 I wasn’t worried. After 3 months outside in the heat, rain, humidity, not had a single issue.

Where are you located? What is your temp range?

I’m in Tennessee. Humidity is pretty consistent around 85%. Temps this summer have been in the upper 80s-90s

And again…the OP stated his temps go down to 0F. So, your situation is not the same. COLD KILLS BATTERIES PEOPLE!!! Maybe you people have never had to deal with trying to start a car on a morning when it’s -10 out.

Believe it or not it does get cold here as well.
I stated in my previous post I’ve only had the sensor installed for a few months. So we will see how it handles the cold this winter.

The battery issue is my main concern. A 120v plugged in sensor would be the best but I haven’t found one of them yet.

I’m thinking that maybe switching to a motion sensor inside the shed might be better as I found a Homeseer motion sensor that plugs in.

I use a ST_Anything device in my garage for that exact reason.

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