Door Lock Compatible

Hi I looking for Door Lock with “Key” the best price I found here

Some one have this?

This device work with ST?

Other options?

The Monoprice locks are inexpensive for a reason. You can search the forums, but most people who have gotten them seem to have problems with them sooner or later.

All of the other keypad locks that are compatible with SmartThings have a key option model. You’ll pay an extra hundred dollars or so, but you’ll get a much better lock.

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i use Schlage lock that will work with a key (comes with ONE key from Schlage, have never had a problem with this device. There are also some community Smart App’s written / available that increase features with ST system as well.

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Hi I am live in rental house, I have this kind of Door Knobs

I think to buy the Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

And remove the original Door Knobs.

Can I push the door to lock? without knob, any idea?

That won’t work. You need the 599 model.

Or similar design.

Yale makes one that also has a key if that’s important, but it costs more.

You’ll be able to find multiple models of this type from different brands. But you need one that has a knob or lever built in.


Sorry to wake the old thread up, I am looking for a similar kind of lock and since it’s been a while, I wonder if there’s any new product available in this area?


Similar to what, exactly? :sunglasses:


I have been looking for a smartthings compatible smart door knob/handle which is not a deadbolt.

Do you need it to physically turn the door knob? Or just unlock it so then the person can turn it?

I’d think locking/unlocking would be sufficient, but I’d imagine turning the door knob would be good in some use case, so it’d be a nice bonus, if available.