Dog Doorbell (Button), Suggestions Needed (2019)

@JDRoberts, I just read your insanely helpful contribution in this thread. I was wondering, since this was almost 2 years ago, if you have any updates for us on the doggie button front?

For my specific case, I have an 8-year-old Old English Sheepdog (75 lbs) and we have a new 11-month-old Aussiedoodle puppy (12 lbs, will grow to about 30-40), so we need a bigger sized button. I trained the OES to use a battery operated pushbutton doggie doorbell years ago, but with all the automation in my house I would love something smart home integrated. Especially considering we moved and can’t hear it all over the new house. May also use a 2nd button as a “hey, I’d like some more water please!” trigger. =) I think the pop buttons are awesome but a little out of price range for a doggie doorbell for us, lol. I’m also going to teach them to use their paw. We are only going to have them indoors. I saw that the echo buttons can now trigger routines, but I have a few questions:

  1. They are bluetooth, correct? So they have to be within (30?) feet of an Alexa device? The door is kinda near our living room echo but the dining room echo is more central so we can hear it from more rooms and maybe too far away.
  2. Does the routine/announcement only play on THAT device?
  3. If so, is there a way to make it play on other/all devices?
  4. Is there a ST integration to get it to play on Alexas AND Google Home devices (maybe not using the announcement or broadcast feature but something different)?
  5. Any way to also send a phone notification?

Edit: I just noticed you referenced the 2018 update in that thread (an edit?) and noted you can make it trigger an Alexa(?) switch, and then “make that a virtual switch from SmartThings, you can then trigger pretty much anything smartthings can do.” This sounds like what I would need to know how to do to get it to announce on Alexa AND Google Homes, I just know nothing about virtual switches lol. Would there be a long delay?

Huge plus for any button if we can get the sound/announcement to play on both Alexa AND Google Homes as we have a mix throughout the house, in the garage, etc.

Apologies for the million questions, I’ve never actually worked with Alexa routines before!

I’m not tied to the echo button just yet, I just like the low price point. If it needs to be really close to a device that gives me pause, and also if it was a long delay if playing on all Alexa and Google devices, but if it’s the best option at such a reasonable price point I’ll definitely go for it.

Would love to hear what other new buttons you and your dog like that have come out since your last post! Thanks so much! =)

The button only has to be within range of any one Echo device. So your setup sounds fine.

There’s no more noticeable delay than with any other Echo request.

Echo routines can be set up to play on any specific Echo Devices you want, Using the “notifications” option. So that part’s easy. :sunglasses:

Google Home does not as yet have a similar feature.

To send a phone notification, you can use IFTTT, but there’s a max on the number per month. There may be other methods for Android phones, I’ll leave that to others to discuss. But it’s the same process as any other custom phone notification from SmartThings.

The Echo button is a nice size for a large dog. My dog is a lab/Golden mix, and he’s very comfortable with it.

The buttons are usually two for $20, but may go on sale for Prime Day, you never know. :dog::tada:

We keep the original thread updated, so nothing newer as far as our household. I haven’t tried the 2018 SmartThings button. If you do get a button that has multiple click patterns, you will need to set up automations for each option as most dogs can’t distinguish between “press” and “long press.” So they might do either at any one time.

The Echo button, which was designed to be easy for kids playing games, is just a single press, so that’s easy.