Docs help

Hi all. I just ordered some Smart Things items after abandoning my own Smart Things-like project. I’m preemptively writing some basic home automation apps and boy I am having a hard time getting information out of the docs! I’m a developer in my day job (C, PICK basic, COBOL [yes I know…old business apps]) so I am familiar with coding. I’m under the impression that this is a new/proprietary language, SMART, so I would expect documentation on syntax and etc.

For example, this line from one of the demo apps:
log.debug("people = ${people.collect{it.label + ': ' + it.currentPresence}}")
where people is defined by:
input "people", "capability.presenceSensor", multiple: true, required: true

I’m assuming that since “people” is a mutli-input it’s a collection, and the ‘.collect{}’ gets performed for each item in the collection…where is this in the documentation? If this is all based on an existing language, will someone please let me know.

Ryan from support thought the language was, or is based on groovy.

That helps tremendously! Thanks!