Do you know?MERCATOR IKUU SSWF01G for australia

I’m trying to use a switch for a light and a ceiling fan in Australia. This is a switch made in Australia. Will it have an edge driver?? Is there a way to connect to SmartThings Hub??

All Zigbee devices connected to a SmartThings hub will need an edge driver. I don’t believe there is an official integration with Ikuu, so it would probably require something custom.

I haven’t seen any reports of anyone developing for that line, hopefully someone will post if they know.

The Ikuu Devices have been popular among Australian members in the Hubitat community, so it should be possible to create custom edge drivers for many of the Ikuu devices, I just don’t know of any developers who have done so yet.

All of that said, while integration for the Ikuu light switches and smart plugs Should be fairly simple using Zigbee 3.0 standard messaging, The specific fan control device that you linked to is much more complicated. I’m not sure whether it’s using standard messaging or something proprietary, I haven’t seen any reports of it being integrated into either hubitat or home assistant.

So the short answer is that it will require a custom edge driver, but no one has created one yet that I know of and it might be a pretty complex project.

Separately, Mercator has said that they intend to add some matter integration to their platform, but it’s not clear yet if that would be only bringing other companies’ Matter devices into the Ikuu app or if they intend to add “Matter bridge” capability to their own platform so that they could use matter in an outwards integration to another platform like SmartThings. We will just have to wait and see on that one, there are no details as yet.